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Nautilus extreme 500 psi Dual 2 stage 8.4" vac carpet cleaning machine portable

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  • Nautilus extreme 500 psi Dual 2 stage 8.4" vac carpet cleaning machine portable

    Question: Good Day,
    Would you be able to send me some pictures of the internals of your Nautilus extreme 500 psi Dual 2 stage 8.4" vac unit ?
    I have seen the pics and videos of the unit on your site, however those are of the dual 3 stage unit and I am interested in the dual 8.4 " unit due to it's better vac power
    I currently run a machine with 2, 3 stage 7.2 inch vacs and a 500 psi Hypro pump and I am able to run the unit on 2, 15 amp circuits.
    I have contacted Ametek Lamb and they inform me that the new 8.4 inch dual stage vacs will outperform the older 7.2' 3 stage units, while not drawing any more current.
    Can you confirm this as I am limited to 2 15 amp circuits to run the machine
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    Answer: The water pump draws between 3.5 to 5 amps depending on the psi you set the machine at. When you add the amp draw of the water pump to the amp draw of one vacuum motor, you are over 15 amps on that one power cord. You would be able to operate on a 15 amp breaker for a limited time. As you leave your wand on the floor the amp draw is less than when you set the wand down. The more you place your hand over the end of the vacuum hose, the more the vacuum motor speeds up because it is working easier and using less amp draw without the friction of the air to drag it down. Make a really good seal on the carpet you might even be able to maintain under 15 amps with the water pump on. The machine you speak of is new and I personally do not have this on the showroom floor for it is still a drop ship item so I cannot take any photos for you. I can request the factory to help with this issue....
    These vacuum motors are single stage and use 15.1 amps open flow (no hose connected and no wand on the floor)
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