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    Hi Donald,

    I own your Clean Storm 6 gallon unit with modified auto-fill and auto dump features. This unit has served me well for probably a year now and is a solid machine. If I were looking for the ultimate extractor to provide me with the below spec's, what would you recommend ? Let me know if there is an existing post you would recommend I read.

    best product for the money?
    The Hydro Force Nautilus Extreme has caught my eye, but I thought I would inquire and tap into your vast knowledge.


    1) auto fill/auto dump
    2) adjustable psi to clean upholstery, carpet, tile
    3) powerful vacuum to run unit from either the trailer or leaving on customers porch
    4) capable of running rotovac (or similar tool, recommendations ?)

    In the past my biggest concern was weight which is why I went with the Clean Storm 6 gallon unit, but now I'm close to out-growing it, and want to look forward.

    thanks, Barry

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    HydroForce Extreme Portable review

    The Extreme extractor using the 8.4" vacuum motors average about a 13.5 amp draw each so offer a combined 27 amp vacuum system. This means that it is more vacuum that the dual 6.6 vac motors 25 amp vacuum, more than the 5.7 conical bottom 25 amp vacuum system (used in Mytee LTD5) but less than the Goliath 30 amp vacuum system.
    The machine is super heavy and has to be team lifted or you have to use a ramp. The fact that they include wheels at the handle bar is not much help because you will team lift it or ramp it. The max pressure you can order the machine with is 500 psi suction feed system and 5 gpm auto dump. This means if will work find for cleaning carpet and rinsing tile but will not pressure wash tile nor perform water extractions. Top quality construction and hardware and parts used. Auto fill include chemical injection.

    Since you include 'tile cleaning' in your comment, I am unclear of your goals. Please re-read
    Narrow down my portable extractor search!

    I mention this because you have to decide how many power cords are you willing to plug in?
    How much weight are you willing to lift?
    Do you want an "all-in-one" machine or a synergistic machine?
    Are you going to scrub the tile floor and just rinse it or do you want a machine to pressure wash rinse it?
    Do you wanted heated tile cleaning by burning propane, kerosene, or diesel?
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      thanks Donald, please review my below answers and let me know some options I should look at. I want simplicity, not a bunch of complicated setups which in turn make for a mess inside the home. I prob need a truck mount but I'm not ready for that just yet.

      This one says its 1200 your response you mentioned it could only be ordered as 500 psi ? ? ?

      Do you want gasoline powered or electric
      Answer: Electric

      What size tank capacity are you looking for
      Answer: does it matter if I have auto fill & dump ? what would you recommend and why ?

      Do you want a heater installed
      Answer: Yes

      Do you have a limit to the number of power cords you are willing to plug in
      Answer: less and simple is better

      Do you need a machine that is auto fill and auto dump?
      Answer: Yes

      What is the maximum hose length you would like to run ?
      Answer: 100'-200' possibly leave machine in enclosed cargo trailer, on doorstep, of in one location inside home. plan use power wands (rotovac or hoss - do you have a preference, if so, which unit, and why ?

      How much water pressure do you what ?
      Answer: 300 for upholstery, 500 for carpets, 1200 for tile

      Will you use the same machine to clean ceramic tile floors ?
      Answer: yes

      How heavy can the machine be? probably 175 tops. planning to use enclosed trailer with ramp, and would prefer to have enough vac to keep unit inside trailer, or outside on the porch, or just inside home without having to move around.

      Are you going to cleaning alot a vacant apartments where you are going up and down a lot of stairs
      Answer: no. planning to rely on vac strength to keep unit downstairs for two story residentials.

      Do you want to be able to offer more than one method of cleaning? Do you want to be able to offer both steam cleaning, rotary shampooing, dry cleaning, guaranteed dry times
      Answer: Yes
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        The search for the ultimate extractor

        First of all you might want to add on to what you already have as apposed to changing out the entire machine. Example add a Mytee 7303 12.5 amp vacuum system to your 15 amp vacuum system = 27.5 amp (about the same as dual 8.4" vacuum motors)
        Change out the vacuum port on the face of your extractor to 2"
        Change out your vacuum hose to primarily running 2" ID except for the last 15 ft or less.
        Carry at least 2400 cleaning unit (max psi X max gpm = cleaning units/cleaning speed) pressure pump with you for tile cleaning and turn down for carpet cleaning.
        In the world of electric pressure washers they can be cold or hot and are all adjustable so you can turn down for carpet and upholstery cleaning.
        Amp draw and cleaning units and weight are all considerations. Draw single 15 amps @ 120 volts for 2400 cleaning units, draw 20 amps @ 120 volts for 3000 cleaning units, dual cord 15 amps @120 volts for 6720 cleaning units. Advantage to cold electric pressure washers are they can be taken inside for high rise work while the hot units have to stay outside in your van/trailer.
        The water otter is an example of a 15 amp 2400 cleaning unit pump and is the most popular tile cleaning pump installed under the hood of a carpet cleaning machine to convert to a tile cleaning machine and the most popular stand alone care in pump too
        We have many, many more to choose from that cost less and offer more cleaning units, both cold and hot. Adding a cold pressure pump under the hood of a carpet cleaning machine to turn into a tile cleaning machine will add at least 50 lbs under the hood and lessen the vacuum because now some of the power of the two cords is going to have to run the vacuum too. Synergistic equipment (separating the pump from the vacuum) is usually stronger because it can use more vacuum, more cleaning units and more power cords/amp draw.
        The only electric portable designed to run 200 ft of 2" vacuum hose is the Goliath. (8 stage 30 amp vacuum system) With the optional belly mount heat exchanger you can re-heat hot water from the customers hot water source.
        With this machine you would typically run a single 220 power cord to the trailer/ van to run everything with one power cord.
        The 220 volt power cord is stepped down to 120 volts with a converter
        You would run a hot water rated garden hose from the customers hot water/sink back out to the truck.
        The Goliath heater would re-heat the hot water before the water enters your pressure washer.
        Water would leave the customers sink at 110 degree F and arrive at the Goliath at 100 degrees, be reheated to 130 degrees, hit you pump and go back into the home. This means setting up lots of hose reels.
        Add an optional propane or kerosene heater to boost your 130 degree F water to live steam. Example
        Because you are feeding your heater will already hot water your fuel heating bill is cut in half.
        This type of set up would easily allow you to transition to using a gas powered truck mount later because a lot of these hoses and reels and heater need to be purchased any way. Even heat exchanger gas powered truck mounts benefit from adding a fuel fired heater during large water consumption work like pressure washing and tile cleaning and or by hooking to the customer hot water supply.
        Some customer prefer to purchase a hot pressure washer, mount permanent to the truck. If you purchase a 230 volt pressure washer you can still operate on single 120 volt outlets with a reverse converter.
        Heated pressure washers can be small, medium, and large. Depending on if you want to use for just carpet and tile cleaning or true pressure washing to transition to offering exterior cleaning services like pressure washing cement, sand blasting, ****t removal,..
        Here is an example of a medium size unit
        You might want to develop a plan or goal on how you want your van/trailer to be set up and slowly piece it together over the next two years.
        The more individual pieces you use, the easier it is to take apart and clean in a high rise application and still use the same equipment as your truckmount.
        Example Goliath vacuum + Clean Storm 6720
        + NorthStar 157495
        A request for an 'all in one' 2 corded portable would would never offer this level of cleaning. One of the strongest all in one units is the Clean Storm 12-5000
        This a 1200 psi, 5 stage 17.5 amp vacuum system with auto fill and dump.


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          I understand having multiple components provides the most flexibility for cleaning scenarios. however, I need a simple solution to not having so many pieces to the puzzle and not having to move my extractor upstairs, downstairs, from one room to the next because I can only clean 25'. I know a vac booster would help, but there we go again, more individual pieces of a puzzle, and then I would have to add a water otter to gain my 1200 psi. I want simplicity.

          It sounds like the 12-5000 is the best all in one solution you have, correct ?
          How much would it weigh if I simply added the 2000w heater to the solution ?
          How much vac hose could I run off the 12-5000 ?


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            All in one tile cleaning machine

            The 12-5000 will operate a 115 ft of hose (two 50 ft X 2" + one 15 ft 1.5" leader)
            The heater would have to be external and would have to be used at pressure under 500 psi.
            I would have you consider the heater above because it plug into a 15 amp outlet so you do not have to qualify the job as having 20 amp breakers on a 3rd power cord.
            There is now room under the hood to add the heater inside the extractor and no available amp draw left either.

            Clean Storm 12-5000


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              unfortunately this is exactly what I would like to avoid...if nothing exists that has the heater built into the extractor let me know. I really want to avoid have extra hoses, cords, and boxes. let me know if you think of any completely stand along solutions.

              thanks, Barry


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                hi donald, have you thought of any all in one solutions ?


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                  carpet and upholstery only extractor

                  Can you direct me to the best extractor w/heat, adjustable 100-500 psi, auto fill, auto dump, to drive a rotovac 360i (or similar), with the capability of leaving the extractor in one place near a sink for auto fill and toilet for auto-dump, and being able to run the hoses upstairs for cleaning carpet...not sure how much hose that might be, but maybe 100'-150' ?

                  I have decided to pass on trying to use a 1200 psi extractor for tile/grout...I will use my HOS Orbot for tile/grout cleaning, along with my wet/dry vac for extraction.

                  thanks, Barry


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                    Ultimate carpet cleaning extractor

                    The Goliath Complete Heat is still king of the hill offering more vacuum units (42,500 vacuum units with a 30 amp vacuum system), more heat (pressure feed + heat exchanger + electric heater = 160 degrees F for aggressive users.)
                    The vacuum will operate the larger 15" diameter power wands, example Hoss 700, Rotovac XL, Mytee T-Rex. All three of these tools will clean about 37% faster than 12" wide power wands like the rotovac 360i. All the power wands over $2000 come with an additional $200 off if purchased at the same time as a carpet cleaning machine.
                    This would be a 4 corded set up, 3 to run the Goliath and 1 for your power wand.
                    This machine weight is 150 lbs means it is right at the limit what one person by themselves can pick up and and out of the service truck by themselves without a ramp or a helper. To lighten this up you could purchase the same machine without the electric heater and just use a stand alone heater you carry desperately. This would take about 10 lbs off the machine.


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                      thanks Donald, much appreciated.