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    Question: Hello,
    I have a question about your portables.
    Would it be possible to get a 'clean storm' with the following setup

    6 gallon
    Two 3 stage vacs
    (How long of a vac hose can I use with two 3 stage?)
    1000 watt heater
    Auto fill and dump

    I would like a powerful compact 'small' portable, that's only 6 gallons, which is easy to unload from a van (and won't take up a lot of space)and set it up with auto fill/dump, and possibly do 75 ft runs

    There needs to be more compact machines on the market similar to an 'air hog' or 'jaguar cub', but with a few more features., A miniature 'Goliath' would be AWESOME!
    Thank you for your response, I understand my request may be a stupid idea but I appreciate your customer service on the few items I got in the past, your videos on equipment, and I will be purchasing a steambrite truckmount in the near future
    Thank you, Brian

    Answer: Dual 3 stage will operate 75 ft of 1.5" ID vacuum hose.
    300 psi with Dual 1000 watt heaters (one on each power cord)
    Pressure feed auto fill is not a problem
    but the auto dump would have to have the pump mount external.
    We can also mount this hardware right on the extractor (under the handle) for the same price.
    The machine already needs dual 20 amp breakers to run so this pump will have to be on its own cord.