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electric truckmount start up questions with the Jaguar 8.4 portable extractor

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  • electric truckmount start up questions with the Jaguar 8.4 portable extractor

    Question: Another supplier told me that the Jaguar 8.4 machine for that price is with power cords and I believe auto fill/dump good to go, plus this is one of many things I want to buy
    mytee vac booster
    cross american vac booster
    hose reel
    water tank + kit with pump
    150 feet of 2" vac hose and possibly pressure hose too
    120-180k btu heater

    The machine does contain auto fill float but no connection auto fill hose and not faucet hook up kit from the factory. We add these items from our shop to make this work.
    It does contain an auto dump pump but no dump hose,
    it does contain short extension cord pigtails but no power cords to the wall.
    I will send an email to the Cross American factory to confirm what is in the box and email you back.
    You need to clarify what you mean when you say Mytee vacuum booster as we have 9 different 120 volt versions on our site.
    Cross american booster is located at
    Hose reel also is not enough information as we have over 400 hose reel combinations.
    Our most popular generator is located at
    I would recommend that you consider
    To start. But you really need to clarify live or storage, electric or manual and what hoses have what function and how long you want each hose.
    We have lots of fresh water tanks to choose from. All different shapes and sizes. Some are more space saving that others.
    For trailer applications look at
    Super small foot print and you can use one or more hooked together.
    For van applications you might the 'between the seat console'
    Or maybe you might want an over the wheel well tank
    We also have 3 models where the electric hose reel fits on top of the fresh tank
    We have lots of fresh water tanks transfer pumps but the most popular is
    Please note that Little Giant propane heaters come in three different pressure capabilities: standard 600 psi rating, 1100 psi, and 2300 psi so not only do you have to know the BTU rating but you really want to know if you think you want just carpet and upholstery cleaning (400 to 500 psi) to offer tile and grout cleaning (1000 psi) or 2000 psi exterior pressure washing.
    Even if you do not plan on performing these services now, you might want to move your company into offering these services later. Please also note the jaguar has an 800 psi pump head MAX and should only be run at this pressure for super short durations as this is going to stress both the pump head and motor at the same time. If you want to pressure wash/ tile clean this is NOT the pump of choice. This is also true with generators as a 9000 watt generator should not be asked to push more than 60 amps of power just because you can. Do you purchase a car with a top end speed of 140 miles per hour and then proceed to drive on the race track at 140 miles and hour 100% of the time or do you drive 70 miles per hour so your car will last a long time? Additional mistakes made by carpet cleaners is your generator is a backup and not a primary power sources as you should consider running on customer electric dryer plugs or other 240 volt outlets. You also do not want to run a generator on its 120 volt outlets, rather need to run on the 240 volt twistlock and evenly space the power consumption on both sides of this outlet.
    Here is an example of a converter to run up to four different 15 amp devices
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