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  • Testing 3 machines side by side

    Question: I am very close to my purchase decision, I just need you to do me a favor and test between these 2 machines with 100 feet of 2 inch hose attached.
    Cross American Jaguar 8.4"
    Mytee 1005DX 12gal 500PSI Dual 3 Stage Vacs Carpet Cleaning Machine Only [1005DX]
    DriStorm Goliath Flood Pumper 26gal Four 2 Stage Vacs and Pressure Washer Recovery 120v with Lint Filtration [SBM-GO-A]
    I would like to know the cfm and lift reading at 100 feet of hose and then if you could connect the mytee dual 3 stage in parallel booster to the 100 feet of hose of each machine and then get the reading for the cfm and lift for each set up again. I am only asking this because I cannot make a decision and I am in Canada and I do not want to have to do testing here or have to return something. I had trouble with Rotovac not helping me make an informed decision, but I trust you guys will help me out with my informed purchase.

    Answer: I would love to do what you ask but it is possible this might not happen for quite a while.
    Customers to understand what it is like here. What I mean is I cannot stand up and go to the bathroom or even eat lunch because the phone calls overlap all day long as well as local customer walking in...
    We do not have much free time and we have a rule here "take care of the paying customer first." This means we have lots of on line orders and phone in orders with money already attached to them and this takes presidence over testing and a possible future order. I realize that you have full intention of a purchase but I cannot stop helping paid in full customers for 2 hours to go test 3 machines. I will tell you that in past testing amp draw is king.
    The Goliath 30 amp vacuum system outperforms dual 8.4 27 amp vacuum system that outperforms the Mytee 1005dx 25 amp system.
    This only stands to reason as we are converting electrical energy into cfm and inches of lift and machines that consume more electricity fight back better. This is also true with vacuum boosters. If you take a 12.5 amp hose mount vacuum booster (Mytee 7303) and add it to a 25 amp system (Mytee 1005dx 25 amp) this combined 32.5 amp system will out perform the Goliath 30 amp vacuum system. The Mytee Escape is a 40 amp system and the Clean Storm Locomotive system is a 45 amp vacuum system. The Goliath 30 amp paired with a 12.5 amp hose mount vacuum booster would out perform an Escape. Hopefully you see where I am going with this.
    You have to decide how much electricity and power cords you want to plug in to create whatever vacuum system you want. Regardless of what you pick, you can always through more electricity at it and make it stronger. Your selection includes all great machines but here are a few items you have not discussed. The Goliath is a pressure feed pump and the other two are suction feed pumps. We offer the upgrade for $300 more to convert the Jaguar and Mytee. The Goliath auto dump is rated for 30 gpm while the other brands are only rated for 3 to 5 gpm open flow. You might want to also look at the Mytee RL105. Uses the same vacuum motors at the 1005DX, and the LTD5 and already includes the auto fill and auto dump.
    Mytee RL105 Breeze Rotovac 360i Carpet cleaning Machine Starter Package Auto Fill Dump discontinued model , SBMRL105, , by Mytee Products Inc, Mytee Breeze RL105 Auto fill and dump Carpet Cleaning machine with Rotovac 360i Starter Package   Super ...