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Mytee 7300 Booster VS the Cross American vacuum booster

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  • Mytee 7300 Booster VS the Cross American vacuum booster

    Question: I have narrowed it down to the jag or goliath
    Which booster would maximize my CFM say with the jag, would it be the Cross American power booster with up to 100 cfm
    the dual 3 stage Mytee 7300 Air Hog with over 200 cfm?

    Answer: The cross american booster is easier to plug in as it only runs one motor so it will run on a 15 amp breaker. The new Mytees are being installed in with both vacuum motors on one power cord requiring a dedicated 20 amp breaker. We can convert it back to a two corded 10 amp unit for $100.
    The mytee booster is stronger but the Cross American is easier to use.

    Question: When you say easier to use you mean strictly with the plug situation?

    Answer: Yes, easier to plug in the Cross American vacuum booster or the Mytee 7303 booster, or a dual corded Air hog 7300. To make the Mytee Air hog 7300 in a single cord design was a bad choice in my opinion. This is why we offer to re-wire and add the second power cord back onto the machine. Why would you take one of the best vacuum boosters on the market and make it so hard to use? Not every job site has extra 20 amp breakers but ALL job sites have extra 15 amp breakers. When we set up starter cleaning kits for restoration companies, we like to limit only two cords to 20 amps and then additional cords need to be under 15 amps. This way when you are not being powered by an electrical converter off a dryer or stove plug, you can plug in your dual 20 amp cords in the kitchen / utility room, then any extra power requirement can pull out of the living and dining areas. Many, many builders only use 12 gauge wire with 20 amp breakers in the kitchen area and then use 14 awg wire with 15 amp breakers in the rest of the home. Please note the amount of copper in 12 awg stranded wire is almost 100% more mass than 14 awg wire and builders are always looking for ways to save money. I think Mytee made the switch from a dual cord machine to a single power cord machine for the same reason. To save money because now they are only providing one power cord. The 20 amp vacuum system in the Mytee is going to offer way better performance but unless you have us add the 2nd power cord back onto the design, I believe you will have a hard time using it.

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