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What is CFR Ozone Assist?

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  • What is CFR Ozone Assist?

    Question: What is CFR Ozone Assist?
    Answer: CFR means Continuous Flow Re-circulation. This means the vacuum up water is filtered to remove the dirt and the same water and cleaner is used over again. Ozone Assist is an on-board water purification system that uses electricity to purify the water. It is excellent with removal of organic odors. The process converts 120 volts of power to 12,000 volts and then pumps air though an electrical storm of jumping sparks through this current. The normal O2 air we breath get disrupted and fall apart. The now O1 molecules will attach to a nearby normal air O2 molecule to make the Ozone O3 air molecule. The ozone air is pumped into the water and the O3 will attach it self by releasing the extra O1 off the O3 into the H20 (water). This makes H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide). Hydrogen Peroxide is safe for 100% synthetic carpet. The added oxygen molecule will oxidize foreign matter, contaminants, and odors in the water. The oxidation process is permanent as once the foreign matter is combined with the oxygen it re-writes the molecular make up of that matter, ensuring it no longer smells the same.

    Question: Could I just add Hydrogen Peroxide to my cleaning bath?
    Answer: Yes, we do sell Hydrogen Peroxide 34-35% under the name Clear Up. Normal Hydrogen Peroxide is 3% solution with 97% water. Clear up is 11-1/2 times stronger. 34% H202 and 66% water. Using a product like this is not the same as making your own ozone / Hydrogen Peroxide as you clean the carpet. As you cycle the water through the machine you would have to constantly re-add a few ounces to the waste tank every 15 minutes. You can also convert non ozone assist machines into a vacuum needle valve injection system into the vacuum reclaim tank and some reclaim units already have needle valves on them.

    Question: How long does the average person spend filling a 13 gallon machine?
    Answer: Usually at least 10 minutes is lost each time you empty and refill the average machine. CFR machines takes 20 minutes to fill as you have to clean all the filters too. On a CFR machine you can use the same water and cleaners up to 7 times so you would fill up once and other machines 7 times or 70 minutes lost. Save a full hour of labor cost with each fill.

    Question: How come I do not have to constantly stop to add more defoamer to my cleaning bath with a CRF machine?
    Answer: Defoamers are made from silicone or solvent based formulas. This means that they float and stay on the top of the water. This floating disrupts the surface tension of the water molecules and breaks the bubble bonds. The CFR machines suck water off the bottom of the tank so the defoamer remains in tank to continue to work over and over. Please note that defoamers are cationic surfactants which means it is not approved for carpets that are newer than 5 years of age (under the manufactures new carpet warranty) and have a acid dye resistor branded soil protector installed - in other words - residential carpets. As you use the water it fills up with contaminantes, these contaiminates start to reduce the effectiveness of the cleaners and this farther reduces foaming.

    Question: I notice that CFR machines either are heated, ozone assist, 500 psi or 750 psi, single vacuum motor, dual vacuum motor, self propelled; and not all necessary the ultimate in all combinations? What if I want 750 psi, dual vacuum motors, heat with ozone assist? What's up with that?
    Answer: This all has to do with the ability to plug into two 15 amp 120 volt breakers. The idea is to provide as much cleaning power as possible with just using this much electricity. Every job site will have two 15 amp 120 volt outlets so these machines plug in everywhere as you do not have to pre-qualify "I wander if I am going to have circuit breaker tripping problems?" Answer is no you will not. In order to beef up the pressure from 500 psi to 750 psi you need more electricity and have to place a smaller vacuum system under the hood. If a machine has an electric heater under the hood a 1750 watt heater uses 15 amps of power and there is one cord consumed already. Please note the Perfect Heat heat exchanger does not use any electricity as the copper coils are just coiled up under the hood to adsorb radiant heat. The "Ozone Assist" model do not use a lot electricity but really make the price jump up for the initial investment. Each machine package is unique as it is a little different from the other models. If you are going to clean a lot of tile floors the 750 psi model is best. If I am cleaning large open areas and need to knock out square footage like crazy the Cascade 20 self propelled is best.

    Question: Can I use a power wand with these CFR branded machines? Example Rotovac 360i, EDIC 1204AC, Hoss 700, T-Rex, RX20, Rotovac XL...
    Answer: Depends on the vacuum of the machine. A 25 amp vacuum system is recommended for using the 15" wide or larger wands. The smaller 12" wide Rotovac 360i and EDIC 1204AC maybe... I say maybe because the rule of thumb is you usually use power wands with machines with 20 amp vacuum systems and larger. The strongest vacuum on these are 15 amp vacuum CFR Pro series while the Air Watt machines are 12.5 amp average. The Rotovac 360i losses a little vacuum through the felt disk system while the EDIC make a better seal on the floor. You would have to limit your cleaning distance to no more than 33 ft. Please note that power wand water consumption is 100% than traditional wands so if your vacuum system is not strong enough, you can have extended dry times. Most CFR machines are used to clean large commercial building where olefin carpets are more commonly found. Olefin carpets are more prone to wick up dirt to the front of the face fiber during the drying cycle and need to be cleaned 33% more often and cleaned with 33% less water and flash dried. The exception to the rule is the Goliath 30 amp vacuum system as it will operate larger power wands 165 ft!

    Question: Does the CFR Cascade 20 scrub the carpet with a beater bar brush?
    Answer: No, just uses water pressure. Water pressure is a form of agitation.

    Question: I notice that some packages include non CFR branded hose and tools, why the switch?
    Answer: The standard tools that are included in some packages are included as a way to make it easier to afford this technology. Please note that the spray jet size are changeable so if you want the CFR fine mist system, just change the jets to 11001 size. Our goal was getting you to at least have this technology in hand and start using it for a better cleaning system over traditional labor intensive filling and emptying equipment while not having to be hooked to the sink.

    Question: Is it OK to clean carpets at 750 psi with the CFR Pro 750 model?
    Answer: No, please turn the water pressure to 500 psi for carpet cleaning and 400 psi for upholstery cleaning. The 750 psi pump is used for hard surface cleaning like for tile and grout cleaning.

    Question: If I purchase a "-K" or a "-FR" Complete system package and then see another tool or wand I want to use, will it hook to my machine / hose?
    Answer: No, CFR branded hose has the water flow trigger control valve as part of the hose set and only mates with CFR branded wands/tools. If you purchase a regular generic 1-1/2" ID hose set with high pressure hose, then any generic tool can be used. Example here is the link for a 50 ft hose set:
    Here is an example of a generic tile rinsing tool:

    Question: I noticed that the "air watt" series "-K" complete kits come with 2 jets wands and the "Pro Series" come with 3 jet wands. What is up with this?
    Answer: The Lamb 6.6 vacuum motor provides an average amp draw of about 12.5 amps. The Pro Series comes with dual 2 stage vacuum and provides a 15 amp vacuum system. The stronger 15 amp vacuum system allows for more water pick up or 3 jetted tools. The default jet size on these wands is an 01 opening. In the world of spray jets, this means that if you where in a lab and hooked an 01 jet to a 4000 psi pressure washer, it would release one gallon per minute of flow. Naturally a 500 psi pump will only release a faction of a gallon per minute (actually .355 gallons per min). Wand jets also come in 01.5, 02, 03, 04,... When combined with a multi-jetted tool, these are added together. In other words a dual jet 01.5 tool will release the same water as a 3 jetted wand with triple 01 jets.

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    Other CFR Continuous Filter Reclaim or Continuous Flow Re-circulation Options:

    Question: Can non CFR machines be converted to CFR use?
    Answer: Yes. Any pressure washer, tile cleaning, portable or truckmounted carpet cleaning machine can be converted. You must first convert the machine to having both auto fill and auto dump. Second you must make the machine have a robust water filter system. Your system must both push and pull the water through the filters.
    For portables, the easiest conversion method is to purchase a hose mount lint filter with auto dump. Example Mytee 7503
    Second install a pressure feed auto fill kit on the portable carpet cleaning machine.
    Third install a filter pack on the side of the portable
    Connect your water from you auto pump out pump to your filters, then suck the water back into your pressure pump.
    You must vacuum prime the machine before you start each job.
    You must clean all filters after each job.
    For truckmounts the outbound flow rate of the pressure pump might be more than your auto pump out pump so you can dump the filtered water back into a large holding tank. The filtered water in the tank would then have to be pumped back to the truckmount.

    Question: CFR seams like I am cleaning with dirty water, how does not effect my true cleaning performance?
    Answer: I would not drink this water either but you have to realize that the average carpet is ten times dirtier than the street! Their is so much contamination that even cleaning with water filtered to 20 mesh is still pretty clean water. The waste water start off looking like motor oil but after the last filter, you can see through it. The real advantage to this technology is speed, and expense. Less time filling and emptying and less chemical expense. These are more commonly used when a traditional auto fill and auto dump extractor would have to run so much hose (since they are hooked to the sink) that the vacuum performance is sacrificed. For example cleaning in a mall or a store like JC Penney/ Target... In summary the cleaning performance is still very good. You will notice that CFR machines filter to 20 mesh and Clean Storm filter to 5. The industry norm for the pressure washing recycling is 20 mesh. You will also find the Mesh VS Micron article interesting at

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      Compare the top two most aggressive filter reclaiming portables

      Question: I manage a large indoor mall with carpet through with limited water hook up. Please compare the top two continuous filter reclaiming portables I should look at.
      Answer: The top two performers are:
      Option 1: Goliath Pro 500 psi, Quad 2 stage/ 30 amp vacuum, with 15,000 BTU heater, 30 GPM Auto dump
      Option 2: Goliath 1500 psi, Dual 3 stage / 20 amp vacuum, 3 GPM auto dump with optional 15,000 BTU heater and filter reclamation package.

      Please note that option 1 with a 30 amp vacuum system is huge (100% more vacuum than most portables) and will give you the power and option to run 14" and 15" wide regular carpet cleaning wands and power wands like the Hoss 700 the ability to run really long hose runs (115 ft with ease!) The larger auto dump pump will let you use the machine as a flood pumper and water extraction machine. If you are mostly carpets with lesser amount of tile, this is a better option.
      Note 500 psi is only strong enough to rinse tile floors but cannot pressure wash tile floors. 500 psi machine work best on tile that has already been presprayed and prescrubbed.

      Option 2 is the strongest pressure washing pump, vacuum combination that can fit on two power cords. With the optional belly mount heat exchanger the cleaning units/ speed is 6300 cleaning units! Other tile/carpet cleaning all in one units only offer 2400 cleaning units/speed. If you are performing a lot of indoor tile cleaning with carpet cleaning this is a better option.

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        Converting self contained carpet cleaning machines to CFR technology

        Question: Can you take a self contained machine like the IPC Eagle FXSC12 or the EDIC Supernova 1200 and convert it to a CFR machine?
        Answer: Yes, we can, yes you can. Any machine can be converted. I have not been ask to do this on these machines but everything is possible. I am not sure how funny it might look or how heavy it would become but it is possible.

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          CFR starter packages are missing again

          Question: I noticed that you had lots of CFR machine packages and webpages (about 30) where on your site and now they are missing again. This has happened twice over the last 10 years. What is up with that?

          Answer: Originally about 10+ years ago, CFR Corp asked us to help sell their carpet cleaning equipment and then took it away from us as we dropped shipped a few machines direct from the factory direct to our mutual customers. CFR decided to sell direct to these end users and asked us to remove the items from our web site. In 2014 the rules changed to if we sell from our location in San Antonio, display and sell at full list price, we can sell to any customer that uses 120 volt equipment. About 30 web pages where placed back on our website after we placed a $12,000 stock order. SteamBrite was excited about this opportunity to provide full starter packages that included, free shipping, free training, and free upgraded 3 year warranty that even included on-site service, free chemicals, and free start up credit card processing equipment if needed. Two weeks later, the rules changed again and instead of being allowed to help and sell to all 120 volt customers, SteamBrite was only allowed to sell and help customers in San Antonio, and Austin Texas. I expect each dealer territory was shrunk down to be inside 100 miles from their office while quarterly sale numbers where placed at unrealistic goals. SteamBrite removed the 30 web pages and cancelled the purchase order as we felt the investment was too large for such a small territory. This is disappointing for customers too as sales tax was only collected by us in Texas and now customers will have to purchase locally or from the factory direct with a higher probability of having to pay sales tax, lose free shipping, loose the free 3 year warranty, lose the training, lose free chemicals... Disappointing to SteamBrite as we invested over 40 hours of labor building all the webpages to promote the packages, and disappointing the opportunity for both companies mutual growth is gone. I do not think it is a good idea for us to try to sell these packages just locally as we would field a lot of calls from around the world after customers see our packages and we would have to tell them that unless they drive down to San Antonio, Texas and pick up the machine, I cannot help you. Then they will call the factory to order direct and find out all the other SteamBrite give-a-way items are lost too. I am sure this would be upsetting to most customers. Maybe one day the factory will miss us and ask us back.

          If you purchase a CFR direct from the factory and need a repair service, we will be glad to help you any way we can.

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            July 2019 and the CFR factory ask us to start selling and promoting their products again! Check the Steambrite website for special deals and free stuff with your order!
            Products by CFR at Steambrite Supply, CFR Sell Your Used ECO 500 or other model of CFR Continuous Flow Recycling Extractor for free on this website., CFR Truckmount 5 ft hose with Kinetic Stainless Head 3 AACT.