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Were did the name Goliath Carpet Cleaning machine come from?

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  • Were did the name Goliath Carpet Cleaning machine come from?

    Question: Were did the name Goliath Carpet Cleaning machine come from?

    How tall was Goliath in the Bible? The following is from
    "1 Samuel 17:4 — How Tall was Goliath?

    I was confirming in Samuel 17, that Goliath was struck on his forehead by David's slung stone when I noticed that you have Goliath's height at 6 and a half feet. Now I understand that he was 6 and a half cubits which by my reckoning is about 292.5 centimeters or 9 foot 7 inches, if one assumes a cubit at 45 centimeters. Or maybe I am wrong and that he was not quite the giant he is claimed to be?
    Numbers can be rather problematic in the historical books of the OT, and numerous contradictory readings can also be gleaned from the Septuagint. This is particularly true with respect to 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel. The Hebrew Masoretic Text of I Samuel 17:4 (dated from AD 9th-10th centuries) does read six cubits and a span (which is about a half a cubit long). This would make Goliath to be about 9 3/4 feet tall."
    "In the Hebrew Bible, there are a number of other words that, like "Nephilim", are sometimes translated as "giants": The Philistine giant Goliath, whom David[43] later encountered, was supposedly a descendant of the Anakim (a Nephilim)""

    The name came from the idea from the size of Goliath in the Bible. How tall or large is Goliath in the bible:
    First Samuel 17:4 notes that Goliath's height was measured at “six cubits and one span,” about nine feet, six inches. That measurement comes from one Hebrew manuscript tradition, known as the Masoretic text, a text that was fixed around 100 AD by the Jewish community in Israel.
    Basically Goliath was about 33% taller, 33% stronger than the average warrior. The Goliath carpet cleaning portables average about 33% stronger, and larger, and clean 33% faster than the average portable carpet cleaning machine. Different versions where all designed with this in mind. Here are just a few example of how this was accomplished.
    1. Pressure feeding pump over traditional suction feeded pump: means they clean with 10 degree hotter use water and 75 psi more use pressure. No fresh tank means the machines are lighter too.
    2. All machines are automated fill and dump.
    3. Most models are dual waste water discharge. Garden hose auto dump for cleaning, 1.5" discharge port for flood pumping. The max water you can push through a garden hose is only about 10-15 gallons per minute. By opening up the inside of the discharge hose now my flood pumping can keep up.
    4. Larger auto dump pumps. Not just 3 to 5 gallon per min auto dump but 30 gallons per minute.
    5. First portable to achieve 42,500 vacuum units. Stronger than a 33 blower gasoline truckmount on just 2 power cords using just 30 amps of power. First portable to be able to clean 200 ft from the unit.
    6. First portable to install auto defoamer on the vacuum side to eliminate stopping because of suds build up.
    7. First portable to offer lifetime stainless steel drain valve.
    8. First portable to offer 30 degree rise on heating water without using any electricity with the belly mount heat exchanger and muffler.
    9. First tile cleaning machine to be offered in dual 3 stage vacuum with 1500 psi.
    10. Complete Heat portable was the first portable to maintain 160 degree water with aggressive cleaning. Other portables say it but do not come close as the little electric heaters under the hood only provide little burst of steam after you quit cleaning for two minutes and the then start again using the water. The 32 oz of steam under the hood will give you 212 at the tip but only until you use up the 32 oz of water. The Goliath starts off 10 degrees hotter because the customer's hot water go right from their heater (110 degrees -does not sit in a fresh water tank), then to the heat exchanger (now 140 degrees), now to the electric heater (20 degree continuous) = 160 degrees.
    11. Goliath quad 6.6 first portable to offer a 50 amp vacuum system. This design gives the user the ability to plug into a customer electric cloth dryer plug, a 7200 watt run generator, or four 15 amp 120 volt outlets and achieve over 73,000 vacuum units. This is the same vacuum as a 20 hp 36 blower truckmount.
    12. First portable to allow you to use one, two, three, or four vacuum motors when electricity has a shortage in the building. Automatic check valve turns off the air flow travailing in reverse through vacuum motors that at not in use.
    13. Available continuous filter reclaim and reuse package on models with 500 or 1500 psi pumps installed under the hood. Allows you to use the same water and chemicals over and over again. Removes you from being hooked to the sink.
    14. First flood pumper to offer a 20 gallon recovery tank, now again the first to offer a 27 gallon recovery tank.
    15. First portable made with fiberglass vacuum manifolds to allow for full steam pickup from fuel fired pressure washers. Traditional plastic portables and vacuum manifold crush under the vacuum load and heat.
    16. First all in tile and grout cleaning machine to achieve a 2 hp 1500 pressure washer pump installed under the hood with dual 3 stage vacuum motors and auto dump.

    Goliath Carpet, Tile, Flood Extraction, Air Duct Cleaning Machines

    Now this would make him about 33% more of a man in size than the average person. This is why the name Goliath for this portable. It is 33% better than anything else on the market. More heat, more vacuum, more features, more pressure.

    Hey, just don't throw rocks at it!
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