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dual 8.4 vacs VS quad 5.7 vacuum motors

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  • dual 8.4 vacs VS quad 5.7 vacuum motors

    Question: Hi Donald
    I saw you have also new jaguar 8.4, I see is a bit powerful than 6.6 but how do you compare the vac system of 8.4 to Goliath , witch is more powerful , I know you have the answer .

    Answer: The 8.4 vacs use an average of 13 amps per motor or a dual system is a 26 amp system
    The Goliath is available in a 30 amp and 50 amp vacuum systems.
    Both Goliath systems would out perform the dual 8.4 vacuum motors.
    When you calculate vacuum units (Max cfm @ zero inches of lift TIMES max inches of lift @ zero cfm) you will see what I mean.
    8.4 dual vacs: They spec. it in at 235" lift in air series (147"/motor) X 177 cfm = 41,595 (26 amp vacuum system)
    or 284 CFM in air parallel X 147" lift = 41,748 vacuum units (26 amp vacuum system)
    (142 CFM/motor)

    Goliath 30 amp vacuum 42,500 vacuum units if you take the machine at the lowest cfm rating (high elevations)
    When you take the machine to sea level the machine is over 260 cfm X 170 inches = 44,200
    Amp draw is king, so if you add a vacuum booster to the Jaq 8.4 it will out perform the Goliath because it is using more electricity.

    Or compare the Goliath Quad 6.6 (50 amp) unit
    Twin series pair configuration
    340 cfm
    215" lift
    73,100 vacuum units

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    As a side note, one of the reasons for me picking the vacuum configuration on the Goliath is because of the heat it produces. The idea behind this machine was to remove the requirements to have 18 amps of power used to run an electric heater, add that same electricity to make more vacuum and then catch the heat coming out the exhaust to heat the water without electricity. I was delighted to find out that the temperature rise heat exchanger on a 30 amp vacuum system works as well as an 18 amp electric heater. The only draw back was the requirement for more space, more money, and more weight, but I have to tell you performance is impressive providing better dry times, longer hose runs, more automation and productivity and the ability to use 14 and 15 inch wide cleaning tools, and optional air duct cleaning tools. Built in vac stack check valve lets you turn off one of more vacuum motor in low electrical environments with losing total vacuum loss.

    The advantage to the Jag 8.4 is that it uses less electricity. This means less opportunity to trip a breaker at a job site. Lighter more compact machine with a much smaller waste tank and auto dump system. Both vacuum motor must be turn on to use this machine (no vac stack check valve).
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