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    Question: Hello,
    I'm interested in purchasing a Volcano heater, either the 1750w or the 2000w. I would be hooking this up to a Mytee portable with 2 x 2 stage vac motors and 200 psi. This is not for a business, it's for cleaning my own carpets (residential) 3-4 times a year. Will the heater hold up and not get clogged if it only used once in a while? Also, is this extractor powerful enough to use with it? I will only be using 25' of vacuum and solution hose. we live in the foothills so we have a lot of grit/dirt in the carpets, not a lot of grease. I guess the last question would be do you have a used or demo unit available for sale?
    Thank you,

    Answer: You can purchase the Volcano 2000 watt heater already installed under the hood of a similar machine 12-2200-H

    The heater will not get clogged if you follow our recommended procedures to always prespray you cleaner first and then run a formulated rinse with water to rinse the carpet last.
    You might optionally want to scrub the carpet between the prespray and the rinsing with either a a power wand or a electric scrubbing machine.
    These dual 2 stage machine will clean with up to 50 ft of hose.

    I do not have a mytee demo machine available at this time, but do have a few other used units available.

    Volcano heaters

    Used and demo carpet cleaners

    Formulated rinse aid

    Carpet Agitation system

    mytee 1001DX-200