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Goliath 15 gallon VS Goliath 20 gallon

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  • Goliath 15 gallon VS Goliath 20 gallon

    Question: I noticed that there are two 500 psi Goliath models - 20gal vs. 15 gal. I'd like to get one of these options with the optional heater. Which would make more sense?
    Also, with the heater option - assuming can find another circuit - can we then run water from the outdoor spigot, or do we still need the house hot water?
    Based on your recommendation for 20 vs. 15, please send me a quote for the system with 115" hose package. Ultimately, after I get familiar, I'll be needing 4 of these systems.

    Answer: You say 'with a heater,' yet we have two kinds of heaters. Heat exchanger and electric.
    The default heater is the heat exchanger. We also sell the 'complete heat' which is the heat exchanger PLUS the electric heater. Both heating systems on the same machine, back to back.
    The difference between 15 gallons and 20 gallon is just that, gallon of recovery. Also the larger tank would allow for more suds and foam since the tank is larger or if not using auto dump, longer times between manual draining.
    All the performance under the hood is the same but currently the 15 gallon unit cost less and 20 gallon unit. The links below are examples of the 500 psi heat exchanger models in each body size.

    15 gallon $3737.99 + $160 for extra hose = $3897.99

    20 gallon $3876.37 + 160 for extra hose = $4036.37 + shipping

    The 20 gallon is more popular so we will eventually quit selling the 15 gallon body style.
    You can hook the machine to a garden hose but you will not have much heat. Please note the heat exchange will add 30 degrees to what ever you feed it. Usually the garden hose is 65 degrees F so it will make it clean at 95 degrees F. Hot tap water is usually 110 degree and after the heater is 140 degrees F.

    Prices subject to change without notice.