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    Question: Hi, i am looking to purchase a clean storm product. But, before i make a decision, I have some questions.
    I am living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
    If i select Additional 2 or 4 years of warranty, do i have to pay for the shipping fee (both sending and receiving)?
    Also, what are covered under warranty? which parts and which problems are covered?
    I would like details as possible.
    Right now, the currency is pretty low,,,,
    Is it possible to get some discount...??
    Also, can i use a generator 2200W?
    Thank you

    Answer: Extended warranties are available in all countries around the world.
    The extended warranty company will hire the appliance repair tech to come to your home or office to perform the needed repairs.
    This is no different that if you purchased a dishwasher at Home Depot and needed repair, the repair company will drive over to your location to fix it.
    Please note the extended warranty does not start until the factory parts warranty falls away.
    The factory parts warranty from the factory is one year and does not cover shipping in either direction of the needed part. In other words, you might have to ship the broken part in first and then that part is fixed or replaced and sent back to you.
    This is required as 99% of parts that are shipped in have nothing wrong with them as customers cause their own problem by not cleaning the machine or priming the air out of the water pump.
    In some cases the factory will cover local labor to have a machine fixed but it has to be cleared first.
    Now lets say you have purchased the extended warranty and your are in the extended warranty time frame and you live so far away from everybody that they cannot get a repair tech to travel to your office?
    Then the warranty company will pay for shipping to ship the unit to the nearest repair center.
    The extended warranty is way more robust that the factory warranty because it covers parts, the on site labor, and even shipping.
    Please note if you make an extended warranty claim and it turns out to be a maintenance or neglect issue, you will be liable for the repair.
    Please note that the surge rating on the generator must be double your use rating on the machine.
    For example, if you pick a machine that runs on dual 15 amp breakers at 120 volts = 3600 running watts so my generator needs to be a 7200 surge watt generator.
    (math is 15 amps X 120 volts X 2 (number of power cords) = watts)
    Since I do not know what machine you are looking at I cannot answer your question completely.

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