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Adding a heated pressure washer to my Goliath carpet cleaning machine

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  • Adding a heated pressure washer to my Goliath carpet cleaning machine

    I have a 10,000w 8,000 running w generator, and a goliath .
    I want to purchase a heated pressure washer.
    Which do you recommend? the Northstar 115v 1700psi ,or the 120v 2000psi Northstar washer?
    The washer will take the place of the goliath heater and pump.
    Do these pressure washers come ready for me to just hook up my carpet solution hose to them?
    How hard is it to meter the pressure ,as it looks like there is no gauge?

    Answers: Please note that all the heated model pressure washers have to be left outside and you will need longer solution hoses to run inside for the work.
    These are super heavy and even though they have wheels they are only mobile on flat surfaces. For our mobile customers would need to permanently mount them in a service vehicle and remove the wheels or purchase a ramp with an electric winch. Most these pressure washers weight is in the 400 lbs range.
    In the world or pressure washers some common factors:
    The more amp draw / power consumption the better and faster a unit cleans. In the world for pressure washing cleaning speed for concrete is max pressure X (times) max gpm (gallons per minute) = cleaning units (X 2 if hot.)
    Example the Northstar 157307 is 2000 psi X 1.5 gpm X 2 (hot) = 6,000 cleaning units / speed and requires a dedicated 20 amp 120 volt outlet.
    the Northstar 157305 is 1700 psi X 1.5 X 2 = 5,100 cleaning units/ speed on a 20 amp 120 volt outlet.
    Though both state to plug into a 20 amp breaker the 157307 unit does consume more amp draw and cleans faster while the 157305 would be less prone to trip a breaker in long durations of cleaning. My concern is you will not be able to add either of these units to a 420cc generator with combined with the Goliath. If you really have a 420cc generator the max running watts is really only 7200 watts regardless of what the sticker says. The recommended wattage is really in the 5000 to 6000 watts for a generator that small. I am sure if you look around this forum you will many other posting about how generator companies lie about use and surge watts. Stressing out the generator also shortens the life of the appliance too.
    You might consider a gasoline hot pressure washer instead. Visit.
    If you are already running gasoline, just use more gasoline in the above pressure washer along with your generator.
    None of the pressure washers are ready for carpet cleaning use but all of them can be converted to carpet cleaning use. Depending on the brand of pressure washer different pressure washing to carpet cleaning converter needs to be used. The most common for Northstar unit is
    Adding pressure gauge needs to be done before the heater (cold side of the burner). You want to use a gauge that is twice the average psi (2 to 1 service factor) Example about 3000 to 5000 psi
    This is usually done with a street tee and a swivel and a bushing using teflon pipe tape.

    If you really want to use an electric pressure washer you will find the fastest cleaning can be performed with 230-240 volt hot pressure washers that run under 20 amps. This way you can use a converter to plug them into standard wall outlets.
    by using
    This unit provides 12,000 cleaning units/ speed hot while needed two separate 20 amp 120 volt outlets.

    Please note that hot pressure washers all run with one or more safety switches on them to make the heater light. This can be a flow switch and or temperature switch, and or pressure switch. They are designed to be used as pressure washers and not carpet cleaning but it is not hard to switch them over for carpet cleaning.
    Flow switch tells the heater the water is in motion (squeezing the trigger gun).
    Sometimes these have to be changed because the factory setting is 1 gpm and your carpet cleaning wand only uses 0.7 gpm. Some customer just change the jets to larger flow rates, others purchase a multi jetted tool that uses more water. A 6 flow aperture is usually needed for a default flow switch. This would be two number 3 jets or a quad jet wand with 1.5 jets installed.
    Larger jets - Teejet 11003 or
    Quad jet wand

    Temperature switch can be a fix temperature or adjustable temperature.

    Pressure switch are used to make sure you are pressured up before the unit can light. If your pressure washer gets delivered with one installed, usually they are factory set at 580 psi. Just switch it out for our 215 psi unit and you can use for carpet cleaning pressures.

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