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Goliath 500 VS Clean Storm 12-3500-H-AFAD

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  • Goliath 500 VS Clean Storm 12-3500-H-AFAD

    Question: I am looking to do carpet cleaning (Majority commercial ) there is 2 machines I am looking to buy it, with one of them will be a best choice?
    Please let me know

    Answer: "best choice" is not really a question as it does not tell me what you want to know. This is like asking me if you should order a hamburger or a salad for dinner tonight as both will feed you. Both machines will clean carpets.
    Here are some differences:
    The Goliath 15 gallon units are being replaced with a new larger 20 gallon tank so this model might not be available at the same price when you are ready to order. The Clean Storm 12 gallon unit has a fresh water tank and the Goliath does not use or need a fresh water tank.
    The Goliath you selected does not have any heat but it can be added.
    The Goliath has a lot of additional vacuum (30 amp) (200 ft hose runs) vs the 18 amp vacuum system on the Clean Storm 12-3500-H-AFAD (115 ft hose runs)
    The Goliath is dual discharge ported for flood and water extraction (up to 30 gpm). The Clean Storm only discharges from a garden hose. (up to 20 gpm)
    The Goliath has auto defoamer for non stop flood extraction. Not available on the Clean Storm.
    The Goliath is pressure feed pump (10 degrees hotter and 75 more psi to start) and the Clean Storm 12 gallon unit is a suction feed machine.
    The Goliath heat exchanger system heats water without using any additional electricity so it make is less likely to trip a breaker.