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Goliath Waste sizes are being upgraded.

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  • Goliath Waste sizes are being upgraded.

    All the Goliath series portable carpet cleaning machines, flood extractor/ pressure washer recovery units, and tile and grout cleaning machines are getting an upgrade in tank sizes!
    The Goliath 15 gallon waste tank models are being moved to 20 gallon recovery tanks and the 20 gallon models are being moved up to 26 gallons.
    If the Goliath has a 500 psi water pressure pump installed under the hood, the vacuum tank will be 20 gallons (used to be 15 gallons.)
    If the model does not have a 500 psi pump installed (vacuum, filter, and pump out model, or 1500 psi pump installed) the waste tank will be moved from 20 gallons to 27 gallons.
    The top of the Goliath lid is going to change from a bubble see through top, to a flat marine manhole top that is 25% larger to provide easier water tank servicing.
    Both these upgrades is increasing the cost of the machines by $100.
    All models will vacuum, filter, and pump out the dirty water.
    The pump out feature (all models) can be turned on or off if you prefer to manually drain the machine.
    You will also note the exterior housing of both models is the same exact size but the interior size that each machine holds is different because of the 500 psi pump. Basically the rear wall of the machine is moved forward 25% to make room for the 500 psi water pump since the 4 vacuum motors take up the entire bottom of the machine.
    The 1500 psi tile cleaning machine pump is installed in the bottom of the machine with the 2 vacuum motors and the auto pump out pump. This is the only model where all the motors are installed under the hood.
    All the 30 gpm auto pump out pumps are installed inside the vacuum waste tank.
    Only the 1500 psi tile and pressure washing unit uses a smaller 3.3 gpm pump out pump.
    None of the Goliath series machines have a fresh water tanks as if they have a water pump installed under the hood (500 psi or 1500 psi) they are pressure feed / direct connect or just suck out the water out of any fresh water tank.
    The optional heat exchanger can be installed on any model of Goliath to offer free heat without the added possibility to trip electric breakers since it does not use any additional electricity.
    Temperature rise will vary based on the gallons per minute flow through the heater and the BTU you provide through the heater (how many vacuum motors you have turned on).
    Even the flood extraction vacuum recovery units can have a heat exchanger installed in order to be used to pre-heat inbound water to reduce optional fuel heating cost if you are using propane, diesel, kerosene, or fuel oil for water heating. It can also be used to improve the performance of electric heaters. This is how it is being used in the Complete Heat Model. With a 30 amp (quad 2 stage vacuum system) and water consumption at .71 gallons per minute the heater provides a 30 degree F rise.
    If you have a heat exchanger installed on your model, the machine can no longer be suction feed as the heater has 26 ft of tubing + the 6 feed of direction hose to suck the water through so these models must be pressure feed. This means use a water transfer pump or building pressure to feed the water pressure pump.
    The machines are sold with 3 different vacuum configurations. Dual 3 stage (17.4 amp system), Quad 2 stage (30 amp system), Quad 6.6 (50 amp system).
    Each machine offer the option to use one, two, three (if provided), or all 4 vacuum motors (if provided.) This allows the operator to tailor the total amp draw VS hose length they need.
    17.4 amp vacuum system will run 115 ft of hose, 30 amp runs 215 ft of hose, 50 amp will runs 365 ft of hose.

    Do not allow any machine to freeze. Do not run flammable solvents through the machine. Do not use the machine with the provided hose mount lint filtration system.

    Awards/ industry first:
    Goliath Complete Heat is the hottest 500 psi carpet cleaning machine on the market. Clean at 165 degree F water with the inbound start temperature is at 110 degrees. Please note some machines claim to be hotter but SteamBrite sells all brands on the market and nothing is even close to this.
    Goliath 1500 psi tile cleaning and automotive machine is rated #1 out of the other top 10 all in one high pressure machines on the market. Won 6 out of 8 categories.

    Goliath extractors are the first to offer an auto defoamer since auto pump out machine only pump out water and do not pump out suds/foam.
    Goliath extraction machines are the first to offer an exhaust heat exchanger for free heat with an average temperature rise of 30 degrees F!
    Goliath flood extraction units are the first to be dual discharge portaged and can auto dump out a garden hose for cleans and then switch to auto dump out a 1.5" ID hose for flood/ high volume pump outs.
    Goliath quad motor units are the first to offer the quad series pair vacuum configuration to offer the balanced between inches of lift and high cfm (cubic feet per minute airflow.)
    Goliath machine are the first to offer vacuum stack check valves to allow you to only run one or more vacuum motors at a time.
    Goliath Quad 6.6 is the world's strongest electric pressure washing vacuum and flood extraction machine on the market.
    Goliath offers the strongest vacuum system and fastest dry time out of every other 500 psi machine on the market. 42,500+ vacuum units. This is more than dual 8.4 vacs and more than dual 6.6 vacuums.
    Goliath is the first electric 2 corded carpet cleaning machine to exceed the vacuum of a gasoline 16 hp 33 blower truckmount (41,400 vacuum units.)
    Goliath is the first machine to offer pressure feed (adds 10 degree and 75 psi more use pressure) water pumps while removing the weight of the fresh water tank.

    Goliath extractors