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Portables with 500 psi and 8.4" vacuum motors

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  • Portables with 500 psi and 8.4" vacuum motors

    Question: Hi Donald,
    Ken and John have been great with helping me figure out a portable configuration. I'm really appreciative of their help. There's just a few things left out of the quote and a small change. I'm running a bit low on time these days, as I'm about to put in a large order around $9000 to get my portable and some tools for my new business, so I just need a quote with everything I asked for as soon as is possible, and my Questions:
    A) Clean Storm 12gal water/waste tank with AUTO FILL
    B) Cord 1 - 500 psi pump & heater - (maximum draw of 14.5 amps on all cords)
    C) Cord 2 - One 8.4" vac motor with 3.3 gpm AUTO DUMP
    D) Cord 3 - One 8.4" vac motor by itself
    E) Price with and without heat exchanger
    Is it possible to use 100 feet 12/3 power cords with my extractor instead of only 50 feet? This would allow me to use the condo hallway/corridor electrical outlets for a possible third circuit.
    Would 1.5" or 2" vac port be better?
    Are there heat exchangers you can get for a portable extractor that are a lot less than $850 USD? This would cost me $1230 CDN for this one feature, which is hard to afford right now during my startup phase.

    Answer: Do you have the exact model of the machine your are asking about?
    The Clean Storm 12-6500 unit uses the dual 6.6 vac motors (12.5 amp vacuum motors)
    We have the 8.4 motors (13 amp) in the Cross American 8.4 and the Nautilus extreme series.
    We also have the Goliath in a 30 amp vacuum system with 500 psi, cold, heat exchanger, and Complete Heat (both exchanger with electric heater)
    2" ID hose is always better but hard and heavier to use so must customer will reduce down to 1.5" id for the last 15 ft next to the wand/tools.
    Please note the above thread comment that 2" hose allow for hose distance twice as long as 1.5" ID.

    Power cord length should be limited to 50 ft of 12-3. If you need to go longer than that we recommend you consider using 10-3 cord
    This could be a stand extension cord
    We also have customer that use the cord length longer than 50 ft when they use the 10-3 converters systems.
    You would run 50 feet from the drier connection to the box then through the 50 ft from the Goliath to the converter box. 100 ft total.
    This is OK.

    We have made heat exchangers for a few other models of carpet cleaning machines but the performance can be limited unless the vacuum motors are in series.
    The outbound air temperature for a single vacuum motor is 140 degree and with two motors in series the temperature is 180 degrees (after 5 minutes).
    You will also see that our industry will place heat exchangers in two locations. One inside the motor box (under the hood like the Black Max) and the other using exhaust (Goliath).
    We have found that the air temperature under the hood of a carpet cleaning machine is usually no more than 140 degrees. The means the series vacuum motor exhaust works the best, but any machine can have copper coils installed under the hood, and copper coils can be installed in the exhaust bath too. (usually about $400 each)
    Please note their is very little performance difference between 6.6 vacuum motor that uses 12.5 amps, 8.4 vacuum motor that uses 13 amps, or a conical bottom 5.7 electro 12.5 amp motor.

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    Hi Donald, Thank you for your reply.

    I looked at the Goliath and Cross American, both descriptions state you need 1 cord of 20 amps, and other cords at 15 amps. My problem is the first cord, I need to have that at no more than 14.5 amps. I also called Powerflite and they told me Black Max requires two 20 amp cords to work. For Nautilus, I didn't find information on amperage draws, so didn't really consider it.

    I want to try, and not use the electrical converters when the suite is occupied. I think some customer get uncomfortable with me unplugging their dryer. I would only use it in a vacant suite situation. Also, sometimes the plug is located in a really awkward angle and hard to reach.

    Since I'm asking for a 3 cord portable, can I mix and use two 12/3 50 ft power cables for Cord 1 and Cord 2 (used in suite), and use one 100 ft. 10/3 for going into the hallway/corridors for that extra separate circuit to run the extra vacuum?

    The closest model would be your Clean Storm 12gal 500psi Dual 6.6 Vacs Auto Fill 20gpm Auto Dump Carpet Cleaning Machine Only [12-6500-AFAD]

    1) I would lower the auto dump since I don't do any flood work, to something that draws less amperage
    2) Add: Pressure Feed Hook up
    3) Upgrade both vacuum motors to 8.4"
    4) Add a third power cord to get my configuration

    Alternatively, I was going to go modular, and still might, if getting the right portable configuration is going to be difficult or cost prohibitive.

    - I would get a flood pumper Clean Storm 24 Gallon Flood Pumper Dual 3 stage Vacuum Motors 20gpm Auto Dump 12-6000 Sandia 80-6000 [12-6000] modify it with smaller 3.3 gpm auto dump, and upgrade the vac motors to 8.4" running 1 cord with vac motor/auto dump pump, and leaving the second cord unused if no third circuit is available.

    - Hotbox 220psi volcano unit with heat for my upholstery and spot cleaning

    - 1200 psi pumptec water otter for carpet & tile/grout cleaning

    - Mytee turbo heater for carpet cleaning

    Do you know if I pushed only 400 psi from the water otter, and used 10 amps from the Mytee heater whether I could run those two items on one 15 amps circuit? Finding an external pressure psi pump that can draw variable amperage (like the Mytee Turbo Heater) has been a big obstacle for me. I still have not found one, and I really want to pair some sort of heat boosting to the tap water for the carpet cleaning.

    Long and short...... can I get a three corded portable in the configuration I need? If I can't get a portable and decide to go modular, can I get an external pressure water with variable amperage draw, in order to allow me to use an external heater, to boost the tap water temperature?

    Thanks again for your help.


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      Triple 15 amp cord Carpet Cleaning set up.

      Answer: Please note that the Goliath will work in all different amp draw (either 15 or 20 amp) configurations as you just turn off what features you do not want to use to make if use less electricity. Example go from 4 vacuum motors to 3 or turn off the auto dump to lower the amp draw. Example the Goliath 3 corded Complete Heat portable can run on three 15 amp breakers. One cord dual 2 stage, one cord two stage with 500 psi, 3rd cord 1750 watt heater. Just leave the the auto dump off and one vacuum motor. Please note the Clean Storm body will currently not allow for 8.4" vacuum motors to be installed. If you want 8.4 vacuum motors you will have to consider the Cross American 8.4
      or the
      Nautilus Extreme
      Neither of these offers heat so you would have to add the external heater on a third power cord.
      The Volcano 1750 watt unit will run on a 15 amp breaker.
      The 8.4 upgrades you talk about are not currently being offered.
      The Clean Storm 12-6500 is as 25 amp vacuum system on 2 power cords + a 3.5 amp pump on one cord that is adjustable.
      Please note that any machine with a 8.4" vacuum will toggle over 15 amps when the wand is in the air and especially when you add a 500 psi water pump
      Now look at the Clean Storm 12-6500 + add pressure feed auto fill + Mytee 7303.
      This would take your vacuum to 37.5 amps and make your system both auto fill and dump (no heat) but all of it would run on 15 amp breakers.
      Why would you purchase a Mytee turbo heater if you can never turn on the 4th switch? And even running 3 switches is 2000 watts and is a full 15 amps at 120 volts and if you are on 115 volts the amp draw is 17.39 amps.
      This means on some job sites you can only run half the heater. Please consider the Volcano 1750 watt heater for maximizing heat to safely run on a 15 amp breaker.
      We have a sale on 75 ft 10-3 extension cord at

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        I like the (12-6500-AFAD system $2199.17), and in the information you've provided, you state one 6.6" vac motor draws 12.5 amps, and the psi pump would draw 3.5 amps on a shared (cord #1) = 16 amps. I'm told that I should not run at full 15 amps but only 80% of it. Even if I push the system to 95% and run it for short durations of 1.5 to 2 hours at 14.25 amps. I don't understand how I would not trip the circuit breakers if those two add up to 16 amps?

        Also, if the auto dump pump is on a shared cord with the second vac motor, than this is the portable I would like to order. Can you also confirm if dump pump is on (cord #2).



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          12-6500-afad Dual 6.6 vacs 500 psi auto fill auto dump

          The auto pump out is on the other cord with just the vacuum motor