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Portable with Co2 injection?

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  • Portable with Co2 injection?

    Question: I would like to inquire about the Kleen Rite Sphere machine. I would like to know if I can order from you directly or I have to contact the European distributor?

    Further more questions:

    Is this machine able to clean the carpit with a special additive that transforms into Co2 that helps to clean the carpit deeply with high pressure and dries quick?

    Doesn't it makes no harm to the electric wires and the seats?

    Is it enviromental friendly and cemical-free?

    The price on the website is net or gross price?

    In case of having international tax number am I allowed to order from you to European destination?

    How much would be the shipping cost to Austria?

    Answer: You can order direct from us and we can ship direct to you after it is built.
    Please allow 30 days for the build.
    We do not offer Co2 injection other than you can take a traditional machine and add you own pressurized tank and run siamese hose to your wand.
    We do offer the siamese 3/16” ID hose and hose connections but have not gotten enough request for the Co2 injection system to make this for you.
    This is usually performed with a stainless steel pump up sprayer with a air chuck or coupler system installed on the top of the tank.
    I have also had customer use converted stainless fire extinguishers also that can hook to an air compressor.
    It does not hurt heated car seat to clean them as long as you to do not turn the heater on until after the seat is dry.
    We do not ship chemicals internationally unless you are purchasing at least a 18 cases and are shipping ocean. Air shipping of chemicals is not allowed.
    We have numerous environmental friendly chemicals.
    The price online is the net price but please note that 240 volt machine always cost an average of $350 USD more than 120 volt machines.
    Shipping cost would have to be quoted based on air to your door, or ocean to a port and how much stuff you want on the order.
    I will tell you an example is air might cost $1000 for just the machine, while the same $1000 could ship a full pallet of supplies ocean.

    Donald Cook