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High performance portable on all 15 amp breakers.

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  • High performance portable on all 15 amp breakers.

    Question: I looked at the Goliath and Cross American, both descriptions state you need 1 cord of 20 amps, and other cords at 15 amps. My problem is the first cord, I need to have that at no more than 14.5 amps. I also called Powerflite and they told me Black Max requires two 20 amp cords to work. For Nautilus, I didn't find information on amperage draws, so didn't really consider it.
    I want to try, and not use the electrical converters when the suite is occupied. I think some customer get uncomfortable with me unplugging their dryer. I would only use it in a vacant suite situation. Also, sometimes the plug is located in a really awkward angle and hard to reach.
    Since I'm asking for a 3 cord portable, can I mix and use two 12/3 50 ft power cables for Cord 1 and Cord 2 (used in suite), and use one 100 ft. 10/3 for going into the hallway/corridors for that extra separate circuit to run the extra vacuum?
    The closest model would be your Clean Storm 12gal 500psi Dual 6.6 Vacs Auto Fill 20gpm Auto Dump Carpet Cleaning Machine Only [12-6500-AFAD]

    1) I would lower the auto dump since I don't do any flood work, to something that draws less amperage
    2) Add: Pressure Feed Hook up
    3) Upgrade both vacuum motors to 8.4"
    4) Add a third power cord to get my configuration

    Alternatively, I was going to go modular, and still might, if getting the right portable configuration is going to be difficult or cost prohibitive.

    - I would get a flood pumper Clean Storm 24 Gallon Flood Pumper Dual 3 stage Vacuum Motors 20gpm Auto Dump 12-6000 Sandia 80-6000 [12-6000] modify it with smaller 3.3 gpm auto dump, and upgrade the vac motors to 8.4" running 1 cord with vac motor/auto dump pump, and leaving the second cord unused if no third circuit is available.
    - Hotbox 220psi volcano unit with heat for my upholstery and spot cleaning
    - 1200 psi pumptec water otter for carpet & tile/grout cleaning
    - Mytee turbo heater for carpet cleaning

    Do you know if I pushed only 400 psi from the water otter, and used 10 amps from the Mytee heater whether I could run those two items on one 15 amps circuit? Finding an external pressure psi pump that can draw variable amperage (like the Mytee Turbo Heater) has been a big obstacle for me. I still have not found one, and I really want to pair some sort of heat boosting to the tap water for the carpet cleaning.
    Long and short...... can I get a three corded portable in the configuration I need? If I can't get a portable and decide to go modular, can I get an external pressure water with variable amperage draw, in order to allow me to use an external heater, to boost the tap water temperature?

    Thanks again for your help.

    Answer: on the Cross American 6.6 and the Clean Storm 12-6500 the machine is wired with one vacuum motor and the pressure pump on one cord. The remaining vacuum motor is on the second power cord. The amp draw of openflow single 6.6 is 14 amps but with long hose and wand on the floor the amp draw drops to 11.1 amps (no water pump). Most 500 psi pumps use about 2.8 to 5.2 amps at 500 psi (depends on the gpm water flow) and less amps if you turn down the psi a bit. So both these machines use the full 15 amps on the main cord. The Goliath 500 psi models are wired with dual 7.5 amp vacuum motor + 2.8 amp draw 500 psi pump (lowest 500 psi amp draw in the industry) on one cord and when you need the machine to work on 15 amps, you can either turn one vacuum motor off or use high flow extraction (water pump turned off with large jet rinse) instead of using the water pump. The Black Max is wired weird as the factory wired the 2 vacuum motors and water pump on one cord and the heater on a second cord. This makes it impossible to have any level of performance on 15 amp breakers as you have to turn off one vacuum motor leaving the remaining vacuum to be an 8 amp vacuum system. At least with the Goliath if you turn off one vacuum motor the machine is still running 3 vacuum motors providing you a 22.5 amp vacuum system. This is still more vacuum than other dual 3 stage 20 amp vacuum machines. The Nautilus Extreme series machine use the 8.4 vacuum motors and average about 1 amp more than 6.6 vacuum motors during use. Sometimes companies do not post figures that naturally deter sales. Basically with the Nautilus 8.4 machines and a 500 psi pump (and Cross American 8.4) when I lift the wand off the floor it is going to trip the 15 amp breaker. Again on 15 amp breakers, these machine owners have to turn the water pump pressure down and leave the wand on the floor to prevent 15 amp breaker tripping as it is possible to use on 15 amp breakers, you just have to know what to do and not to do.
    As I mention on the phone, I strongly recommend that you do NOT ask permission to use the electric clothes drier plug as customer will think it is odd you are asking. If I ran a maid service and this service includes vacuuming the carpet, would you ask if it is OK to plug in your vacuum cleaner? If I was hired to pressure wash a driveway, would you ask permission to hook to the building water pressure? I guarantee that when you ask, the customer would wonder why you are asking... You have been hired to do a job and if this job means that you plug into the cloth drier plug or use their water, that is what you do. Please note all the carpet cleaning work I performed is in San Antonio Texas and the builders here know to mount the receptacle on the wall 3.5 feet off the ground. They are all easy to get to as when you walk into the room they are right there for my use. There is no "hard to reach" issue. The few job sites that they are hard to reach I would just remove the pot and pan storage drawer under the stove and plug into that location instead. This does not require moving the stove/oven either. I am not going to frustrate myself or my customer by tripping the breakers. I am going to plug my equipment in one location and not have to worry about it. If you plug into a wall outlet, you do not know that while you are cleaning the carpet the customer might be on their computer performing important work and in the middle of their project you trip the breaker. That is one sure way to piss off a customer. When I plug into the cloth dryer or stove outlet, this is impossible to trip and even if it could, the tripping would never affect the rest of the home or their PC. The use of the 10/3 cord question is a "yes" but when on the dryer connection I can plug in two 15 amp cords + one 20 amp cord on this one plug. Pulling all 50 amps of power is not problem for the converter. Please note the washing machine outlet is right next to the dryer plug for a fourth 20 amp power use. So why bother with trying to find a 3rd breaker when you already have your 3rd and 4th breaker in the wash room?
    Please note an 8.4 vacuum motor cannot be installed in a Clean Storm 12-6500 machine and even if you could change the vacuum out why do you want to push your amp draw to now being over 15 amps? The very thing you want to avoid you are creating by adding the extra amp. Yes converting a 8.4 machine from 2 cords to three cords would fix this but why would you go through all this extra expense? Just purchase a Goliath Quad 6.6 machine and add a Water Otter pump next to it. Now each cord is 11. 4 amps and you just plug in as many cords as you need or want. No changing, no upgrading, no hassles, just performance. Now your 3 cord design is one cord for the water otter and 2 for the Goliath providing you dual 6.6 vacuums with auto dump. Plug in your 4th cord and move from 25 amp vacuum to a 37 amp vacuum. The neat thing about the Goliath quad 6.6 is all 4 vacuums will run on the dryer plug and then the pressure washer can plug into the sink or washing machine outlet. 50 amp vacuum rivals the same vacuum on a 20 hp 36 blower truckmount and all 5 cords can be plugged into the utility room outlet. The utility room offers the auto drain discharge, exhaust fan (the room is going to really heat up), and a door to lower the noise. The ability to run 350 feet of hose means I can opt to leave outside when I want.
    All pumps have variable amp draw as they average half the amps to turn on and half to push the water. So take the water otter system is 15 amps @ 120 volts so just figure 7.5 amps to turn on and 1 amp for each 200 psi you ask it to push.
    I personally do not understand your "modify" comment as you are stuck on 8.4 vacuum motors which in turn is creating your other amp draw math problems. You just need to forget about 8.4 vacuums when your goal is working in 15 amp environments. Please note if you really like the smaller 3.3 gpm auto dump just switch to the Mytee LTD5 as it already uses this dump pump and has the same vacuum performance as dual 6.6 vacuum motors and always runs on 15 amp breakers when you turn the water pump down a little bit.
    In summary you already were planning on purchasing a Water Otter, you really should just purchase a Goliath Quad 6.6 flood pumper. Add up the math on your design and not only will you see this is the less expensive option, but the highest performance option.

    Math for half the mytee heater and 400 psi water otter= 19.5 amps.

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