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Old Yellow Mytee HP60 pump upgrade

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  • Old Yellow Mytee HP60 pump upgrade

    Hi everyone,
    Looking to see if I can get some insight on upgrading the pump on my trusty old Mytee HP60 that I've been using in my mobile detail business for over a decade. I already upgraded to a pmf internal spray wand with the hide a hose. Now I need to replace the 100 psi original pump to take full advantage. Question is, is the 170 psi the best overall option? Looks to be a simple swap and ad a heat sink. Is there any more to it? There's also the 220 psi option but it mentions needing to add a fan for this as well but I'm not looking to add more draw to the machine. As it already flips plenty of 20 Amp breakers as is, even though the machine says it will run off a 20 amp. I would assume the 20's that trip are ran on the standard 14 gauge 15 amp wiring. Especially the couple 20 amps that I've killed. I have a generator that runs the machine fine but I prefer to plug in when possible. My smaller Honda 2000 gen runs it with the heater off. Anyways, thanks for listening. Let me know if any of you have experience with this and any recommendations. Thanks!