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Changing the hose sets on packages

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  • Changing the hose sets on packages

    Question: I am looking at possibly purchasing the Clean Storm 12 Gal extractor wit the 2 Ametek 6.6 vacuum motors (12-6500-H Set) noticed that I can have s 2 inch vacuum port installed. Can I substitute 25 ft of 2 inch hose (instead of the 50 ft of 2 inch + 15 ft 1.5 inch option)? What would be the price difference for 25 ft of 2 inch hose? Can the 2 inch hose have a 1.5 inch cuff on one end for the wand?
    Thank you
    Jody Neff

    Answer: This machine, by default has a 2" vacuum port installed on the face of it so it accommodates both 2" and 1.5" vacuum hose.
    The 25 ft 2" hose set is located at
    and currently is $114.22

    The reducing hose cuff is AH48 currently $4.55

    Removing items from a package does not remove the retail cost of the items rather removes the dealer cost of the item because of the package, the extras are added at our cost.
    You would have to purchase the machine only
    and then add the items you want.