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Does the Cross American Jaguar 8.4 have 293.2 inches of water lift?

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  • Does the Cross American Jaguar 8.4 have 293.2 inches of water lift?

    Question: Does the Cross American Jaguar 8.4 have 293.2 inches of water lift?

    Answer: NO. I hate that they post "combined 293.2 inches of lift or 146.6" lift per vacuum motor.
    Please read the specs on this vacuum motor at
    This is NOT OK to do or advertize this machine at 293.2 inches of lift. The vacuum motors are in parallel and the max inches of lift on this machine is 146.6 and the
    They spec. it in at 235" lift in air series (147"/motor) X 177 cfm = 41,595 (26 amp vacuum system)
    or 284 CFM in air parallel X 147" lift = 41,748 vacuum units (26 amp vacuum system)
    (142 CFM/motor).
    Air series means the exhaust of the 1st vacuum motor is sucked into the 2nd vacuum motor. Parallel vacuum means that each vacuum motor draws the air out of the vacuum waste tank on its own.
    Naturally the manufacture wants you to think this machine has 293.2 inches X 283 CFM and it does not. Only 147 inches of lift X 283 cfm = 41,748 vacuum units (26 am vacuum). This is the same as the Nautilus Extreme and a little less than the Goliath 42,500 vacuum units (30 amp vacuum) and a lot less than the Goliath Quad 6.6 with over 73,000 vacuum units.

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    Hmmmmmm, false advertising??? a very well built machine.


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      Inches of water lift means that if you totally occluded the vacuum to zero cfm how many inches of water lift can the vacuum lift a 1" diameter of water straight up into the air at sea level. This machine does NOT lift the column of water 293" above seal level rather only does 147 inches. Very misleading as no other factory that makes carpet cleaning machine post information like this. This high level of mis information is also found the auto dump pump. The factory states can discharge water up to 5 gpm but they use shurflo 8000-533-236 installed under the hood.
      Please note the pump is rated for 1.4 gpm and not 5 gpm.
      Another odd fact is the front caster are not bolted to the body. When the machine show up, the caster are just in the box but not installed. This is the only machine we have seen that are not factory installed. Holes are not drilled for the caster either.