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Where is the sandia sniper 66-2300-H optimizer on (Answered)

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  • Where is the sandia sniper 66-2300-H optimizer on (Answered)

    Where is the sandia sniper 66-2300-H optimizer on

    The unit we stock has the larger 500 psi water pump installed in it.
    Look at item 12-6500-H
    Dual 6.6 vacs, 500 psi, heated
    the gpm flow rate on the 300 psi is super low and really is best for upholstery cleaning only.
    .67 GPM X 300 psi = 201 cleaning unit speed.
    1.05 GPM X 500 psi = 525 Cleaning unit speed.

    This is over 161% faster wand stroking/ rinsing. The 300 psi unit will take over 161% more time to rinse out the same job!
    We do not stock this unit 66-2300-H machine as it does not make sense as a carpet cleaning system, but a great machine for auto detail work. The vacuum is great for carpet cleaning but then they stuck an upholstery cleaning pump under the hood... They also put a 1.5" barbed hose port on the front of the machine!
    The 12-6500-H has a 2" vacuum port for either 1.5 or 2" ID vacuum hose.