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Using the Goliath Flood Pumper with the Rotovac Bonzer

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  • Using the Goliath Flood Pumper with the Rotovac Bonzer

    -DriStorm Goliath Flood Pumper 26gal Four 2 Stage Vacs and Pressure Washer Recovery 120v with Lint Filtration SBM-GO-A SBMGOA [SBM-GO-A]
    5. Will operate on one 15 amp power cord, will operate on two 7 amp power cords, will operate on two 15 amp power cords, will operate on two 20 amp power cords. Just turn off features in applications where you have less power available.
    I am planning to order the above listed Goliath to go with a RotoVac Bonzer I plan to order at the same time. I already have a pump unit I use for tile work which I intend to use for the water part of the equation. The majority of the work it will do is restaurant carpet which I have done with a Steamin Demon for the last 7 years.
    On some occasions I would use it in a residential setting as well. One of the comments listing in the write up on the Goliath is in regards to it “operating” on various outlets. My original thoughts were that this unit needed to be run on two 20 amp outlets all the time. Could you clarify what if any reduced combinations should work if any in a residential situation? I’m not sure how using it for carpet work versus flood pumping would change electrical requirements and the series/parallel elements mentioned.
    Any other thoughts you may have on the appropriateness of combining these two items would be helpful. Also, you list a degreaser coming with the Bonzer. Is there any way to get a defoamer instead?
    Dana Elizabeth

    The Goliath quad 2 stage auto pump out system draws 7.5 amps per vacuum motor + another 3 amps when the auto dump pump kicks on. You could operate this machine on dual 15 amp breakers by just manually draining machine, or turn off one vacuum motor while your turn on the auto dump pump back on. Example, 3 vacuum motors and automatic drain for dual 15 amps. The Bonzer can be used as a high flow extraction wand, like the Steamin Demon by changing out the jet nozzles to larger openings. You can also use the Bonzer with any carry in, roll in, electric pressure washer or even an outdoor pressure washer. Just dial in the pressure to mate with the surface you are cleaning.
    The Rotovac Bonzer package does have to remain with the same free item.

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