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Higher performing portables are now available in more options.

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  • Higher performing portables are now available in more options.

    This is kind of long winded would it be better to post on your forum?
    I recently discovered your site on YouTube. I appreciate your great content and overview with a Non Bias viewpoint.
    I have a Window, Carpet, and Tile Cleaning/refinishing business. I usually keep 3 extractors going with a backup in rotation. Most of my business focus is on High Traffic Restaurants(3 meal 6am-10pm) so I've always preferred Mytee 1003(no heat) using bucket heaters. My backups are older Tenants with Single 3 stage/300psi. I usually offset this low performance by using a high Pretreat and aggressive brush on the buffer. My current local janitorial stopped carrying Mytee and is now with EDIC Galaxy Pro which led me to search and to your store...Bottom line I'm looking for advice on the Highest Performing portable extractor. Instead of putting money into Parts/labor to have an older Black Max or 1005 run I believe new is the way to go.
    Also the increased Water lift is crucial because I'd like to add Hose and avoid stairs on the few Houses I are a few I've thought and why:
    1.) TMI Eclipse- Two 15amp outlets, the 8 stages supposedly has over 300" lift even if they're off I think it would still be at least 40" greater than 1005, LTD I saw a TMI brand but didn't see an Eclipse link on your site.
    2.) Mytee 1005. Yours would be equipped with newest "hybrid vacs?" Inexpensive and coupled with your Vac Booster may close the gap?
    3.) The Mytee LTD special that's hard floor use. What separates this from 1005?
    4.) EDIC Galaxy series do you carry this?
    Thank you so much for reading this keep up the great work and resources for small businesses like myself

    Thanks for your interest.
    The TMI Eclipse is no longer listed on our site after a posted I made on the list of the easiest and worst portables to service once they are a few years old and need service. The Eclipse was the #1 worst machine build when it comes to having to work on it. Super difficult. All four vacuum motors are mounted in series so the unit is all inches of lift and low cfm. Also I debunked the 300" of lift statement to. Each vacuum motor in series offers a 70% of the motor in front of it. The 2 stage motor can get 90" of lift at 90 cfm. Add a second motor in series we are not at 153" of lift. Turn on the 3rd motor in series the machine will make another 44.1" of lift or 197". The last motor adds 31" of lift 228" total. So lets say you can special make a 100" vacuum motor and we do the same thing. 2 motor 170", 3 motors 219", 4 motor 253" of lift. Series vacuum does add 25% more air flow to the machine that the motor in front of it. So again, look at the vacuum motor are flow it they use a 100 cfm motor the 2nd motor takes the machine to 125 cfm, 3rd motor takes the machine to 131 cfm, 4th motor 133 cfm. The best vacuum performance rating 253" of lift @ zero CFM X 133 cfm @ zero inches of lift = 33,649 vacuum units. It is just a pour design. There are lots of portables that are way over those numbers. Clean Storm 12-6500 is at 36,550 vacuum units. Goliath Quad 2 stage is 42,500 vacuum units, Goliath Quad 6.6 is at 73,100 vacuum units. All of the Mytee non heated machines will have beefy motors in them. Even the original Mytee 1005DX with conical vacuum motors are impressive performance 32,200 vacuum units. The new Mytee 1005LX is at 38,880 vacuum units. Also the Nautilus Extreme series offer great suction. Any booster with these machines would make a crazy powered portable. The Mytee "LTD" just mean it has auto fill and dump. We also no longer cary EDIC machines either. Very odd engineering and tons of complaints as they will take a dual 3 stage machine and 500 psi and place it on one power cord drawing a full 20 amps and then try to sell you a heater to place on the back wall. 100% of every customer complained about this. The only way to use the machine is to turn off one of the vacuum motors. Each 3 stage vacuum motor draws 9 amps and the water pump 3 amps. You have to keep the wand on the floor and the pump turned down to not trip the breakers. I sent lots of emails and after they refused to fix the issue, we had to start offering to rewire each machine before it left the building. Last year I had a customer purchase an EDIC machine and bring it in for service, after getting a quote on parts from EDIC the customer approved the repair, PO sent to EDIC, they (EDIC) refused to fill the parts order! Totally refused to help their customer after they spend thousands of dollars in investing in the EDIC name. I cannot tell you the level of shock I was in. It is not like the customer had any other placed to take it to. I asked them if you do not want to sell us the parts after you already quoted the repair, do you have another dealer the customer could take the machine to in then San Antonio area? Answer NO. OMG. We had to order parts from Canada, import them in, to fix the EDIC machine since they refused to support their own product. Just totally shocked. The customer did not owe EDIC any money as they purchased the product on EBay.
    #1 you need to tell my how many power cords you are willing to plug in.
    Here is an example of a 6 cord system
    We sold this to Ford motor company to detail 2 cars at a time but would also clean commercial locations with up to 350 ft of hose and non stop 200 degree water even if you laid on the trigger full time.
    Operates on an optional 630cc generator

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    Thanks for the reply Don. I'm definitely thinking twice about Eclipse and leaning toward LTD12. In regards to EDIC it's the 2700-FX-HR model with 14.7/11.8 hookups. But a customer buying new and edic not making good is outrageous.
    I'm assuming LTD12 has the updated hybrid Vacs? And you sell those Mytee Hybrid Vacs themselves?
    *I did register on the forum waiting for link in email? For machines setup electrical draw at job: 1.) [email protected] plugged in separate circuit. Fan plugged into same circuit.
    2.) Dual 15amp PowerFlite plugged into separate in back (w/40ft ext cords)
    3.) Mytee 1005 plugged into front with two separate and 50ft ext cords(12/3) to avoid replugging.

    This is typical setup at job looking to replace PowerFlite with LTD which should draw close to same?

    *I appreciate the objective data for cfm, water lift performance with your competitive price I may have room for your Vac Booster mated to an LTD which should be near the top for cfm, water lift...


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      The replacement Mytee 6.6 motors are listed at
      Ltd12 does not have 6.6 vacuum motors installed as these motors use too many amps. Please note there are three different 6.6 motor used in our industry. Edic uses a low amp draw, low performing 6.6. Lamb 122378-17,(20% less performance and electrical draw) then the majority of machines use 6.6 motor 122475-00 as this offers a middle ground amp draw / performance (14 amps open flow / 8.2 sealed / average 11.1 amps wand on the floor) and Mytee 6.6 motor that uses 1 amp more than the 122475-00 more and also offers 7% improvement too. 11.1 amp is good as usually other items are sharing the electrical load, like a water pump, or pump out. Please note the Mytee motors also increase the likelihood of tripping breakers and cost 100% more. I am going to give you an example of what I am talking about. Open flow means wand off the floor so if I am using a Mytee machine that is wired one 15 amp motor and one 500 psi water pump (4 amps) = 19 amps and now I lift my wand off the carpet and a breaker that might already be warm from an hours of use and maybe it is automatic dump, the breaker might trip... I am not sure why Mytee felt and making a 15 amp motor was important when the previous version extractors were already using units 14.8 amp open flow / 10 amps sealed / 12.4 amp average with wand on the floor motors (mytee C302A see performance chart at This is the current motor in 1005DX. I think it simply was to compete in the 6.6 vacuum motor market and like the slogan states "1% better" so they tweaked it a bit becuase most cleaners are looking for the best they can get. Amp draw is king and the more electricity you use the better the machine will perform, but there's a point when you are asking too much out of the breaker (like the EDIC unit we talked about in our last thread). The other draw back with units that you cannot taylor to operate on 15 amp breakers moves them out of the electric clothes dryer plug converter option. If I have two power cords drawing 20 amps each or 40 amp total and can only plug these two cords max out that clothes dryer connection. If using under 15 amps, you now can plug in 4 power cords on the same clothes dryer plug all the way to 60 amps. This is the entire idea behind the Goliath Quad 6.6 as this is the most power you can get because it plugs into 15 amp breakers and all 4 cords will plug into a 420cc generator or an electric clothes dryer. 50 amp vacuum power is super impressive.
      Please confirm that you are asking for estimated inches of lift and cfm of hooking two portables in series?