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Blending the power of your 2 Corded portable carpet cleaning machine

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  • Blending the power of your 2 Corded portable carpet cleaning machine

    If you are in the market for a electric portable carpet and or tile cleaning machine that operates on two power cords you first have to decide if you want the machine to be able operate on two 15 amp breakers or two 20 amp breakers. If I am using 30 amp or up to 40 amps of total power, I have to decide how I want that power distributed. Do you want more vacuum for longer hose runs and wider tools, a larger water pump for more cleaning speed and surface types, do I want more heat as in an electric heater, and do I want auto dump/drain. If you install a larger vacuum system this means you have less power left over for a large pump system or heating system. If you have a larger, stronger pump system, you will have to have a smaller vacuum system and or no electric heat system. You cannot have everything... Power consumption is in direct result of cleaning efficiency and speed. Machines that consume more electricity will always out clean machines that use less electricity. While the wall outlets look the same they are certainly not the same based on locations. Example almost all new construction will use 12 gauge wire on 20 amp breakers but buildings over 30 years of age mostly used 14 gauge wire on 15 amp breakers. 15 amp breaker use is common in many older hotel rooms, Canada, older building high rise work. Some building and homes use blended circuitry with some 15 and some 20 amps. I own a rent house like this where the outlet behind the clothes drier, under the sink for the garbage disposal, AC closet, and the refrigerator are all 20 amp but the rest of the home is 15 amp breakers. Do you want a machine that can toggle between both types of 15 amp VS 20 amp buildings? In other words, when you have dual 20 amp breakers you can operate more features and when you are in a dual 15 amp breaker environment you turn off some features to still be able to use the machine. Not all machines can do this. Some machine have to be used on dual 20 amp breakers and if you are in a 15 amp building you just have to walk the job or at least keep the wand at total contact with the carpet. (We have other articles that explain how a carpet cleaning machine with the wand in total contact with the carpet makes the machine use less electricity that when the wand is in the air.) With hundreds of machines to choose from is is hard to know and understand how a machine is wired and or how it is going to response and or be used in a low amp availability environment.
    I will supply you some examples of machine that fixed amp draw or allow the operator to toggle between 15 amp VS 20 amp locations.
    Clean Storm 12-3500-H-AFAD This is a dual 3 stage vacuum with 500 psi, 2000 watt heater (two 1000 watt heaters), 20 gpm auto dump. This machine is wired so each 3 stage 9 amp vacuum motor is on its own power cord. Each 1000 watts of heat is shared with each vacuum motor. Pressure pump is on one power cord and the auto dump pump is on the other power cord. The machine is balanced power and if you tripped a dual 15 amp breaker building, you simply turn off the two heaters. The heaters are drawing 8 amps per power cord. With the heaters off, the machine will still operate on two 15 amp breakers.
    Clean Storm GO-1500: This is dual 3 stage vacuum, 1500 psi 2 Hp water pump, auto dump. This machine has a massive water pump and if it was wired to operate on one power cord, it would draw 18 amps but it is not. This machine has each of the two 3 stage vacuum motors on its own power cords and half of the pressure pump on each cord, and the auto dump pump on both power cords. This is a 100% balanced machine. This is the first machine ever produced like this. This is a 240 volt water pump and when you plug the machine into two phases of 120 volts standard wall outlets, you are making 240 volts under the hood. Both the pressure pump and the auto dump pump are 240 volts but the machine plugs into standard wall outlets with an on board circuit phase locator. As you turn up the pressure the amp draw on each cord goes up equally. Example at 500 psi, this machine will operate dual 3 stage vacuum motors on two 15 amp breakers but at 1500 psi @ 2.1 gpm plus dual 3 stage vacuum motors, the machine requires dual 20 amp breakers. This machine can be used in all locations. In 2014 this was the first machine ever made with a vacuum system this large with a pump this large. Before that date the largest vacuum system was 5 stages of vacuum with a 1200 psi pump.
    Clean Storm 12-6800-AFAD This is dual 6.6 vacuum with 800 psi and 20 gpm auto dump. This is another example of a balanced machine. The water pump is installed on both power cords as the 26 amp vacuum system is 25% larger than dual 3 stage. With such a huge vacuum system and large pump there is no electricity left over for an electric heater. This machine can toggle between working in dual 15 amp breakers or dual 20 amp breakers by simply adjusting the water pressure. Before 2017 all other portable with dual 6.6 and 800 psi pump always had to operate on a 20 amp breaker as on vacuum motor and the water pump were shared on the same cord. This machine opened up the world of dual 15 amp breaker use.
    Clean Storm Goliath 500 Heated is another example of super versatile machine. Quad 7.5 amp 2 stage vacuum motors, pressure feed 500 psi pump, 14000 BTU heater, 30 gpm auto dump is a top performer for carpet cleaning. Easily works in all electrical situations by simply turn on or off each of the 4 vacuum motors, adjusting the water pressure or optionally not using the 30 gpm auto dump. The 14,000 BTU heater uses no electricity to heat the water and out performs a 2000 watt electric heater. This machine produces a huge 42,500 vacuum units (4 vacuum motors) and to turn it down from a 30 amp vacuum to a 22.5 amp vacuum system (3 vacuum motors) still means it has more suction power with 3 vacuum motors that dual 3 stage 18 amp vacuum machines. In a dual 15 amp location, run the machine on 3 vacuum motors, 500 psi, and manual drain. Its a 20 gallon recovery tank so it is already 100% larger vacuum tank that most other machines. In a flooded building with dual 15 amp breakers, operate 3 vacuum motors and auto dump. The heater is always on since it does not use any electricity, rather just absorbs the hot air blowing out the bottom of the machine. In 2011 this machine changed the portable carpet cleaning world with a lot of first that had never been done before.
    On the opposite side of the spectrum one of the worst designed seen is a EDIC Galaxy 2700-FX with dual 3 stage vacuum motors plus 500 psi water pump on one power cord and the 2000 watt heater on a second power cord. This means you have a 22 amp machine on one cord and a 18 amp heater on the 2nd cord. If you land in a dual 15 amp breaker, all you can do is operate on 3 stage 10 amp motor with your 3 amp water pump, no heat. 100% of every customer we sold this machine to had to add a 3 power cord to this machine to make one power cord operate on it own breakers. (This generated so many complaints that we ultimately required the customers to pay us to add a 3rd power cord or we would not sell the machine. The machine has been discontinued off our web site)
    There are still machine machines we sell that will not operate on 15 amp breakers. Machines that end in LX or ZX in the part number have 14 amp vacuum motors with a 400-500 psi pump and will always require 20 amp breakers. Machines with Extreme 8.4" vacuum motors and a pressure pump also require 20 amp breakers. The machines that always require 20 amp breakers means you will have to hunt for those special outlets, like for the garbage disposal, or possibly consider operating the equipment on an electric clothes dryer plug converter. If you are looking to add heat to a higher powered portable please consider adding a heater on a 3rd power cord instead of having it added under the hood of the portable. This also takes some weight out from inside the machine. You can also consider synergistic cleaning. Synergistic cleaning is when you purchase a pressure washer, a flood pumper, and possibly a heating system and operate them together to turn it into a carpet cleaning, tile cleaning system. This type of cleaning offers huge advantages as they are usually stronger, faster, cheaper, yet lighter. This means being able to load and unload the equipment without a helper or without a ramp. You could decide to operate a 30 amp vacuum with a 1500 psi pump placing you on 3 power cords. This example would be using about 45 amps of power and would always out clean a dual 20 amp machine. Professional packages could use 30 amps for the pump and 30 amps of the vacuum. All operating out of an electric clothes dryer plug or a standard 420cc generator. You could optionally decide to burn a fuel to take hot water extraction to steam cleaning. Mating flood pumpers to pressure washers turn into an almost endless possibility of equipment as pressure washers can be electric or gas powered, cold or heated, carry in, roll in, or stationary. Flood pumpers can be all the was from one power cord to 4 power cords. A 4 power cord 50 amp vacuum is perfectly designed to operate on an electric clothes dryer plug or a 420cc generator. They can operate on one, two, three, or all 4 power cords. A quad 6.6 vacuum, operating at 50% on two power cords is 25% more suction than a dual 3 stage portable but when needed, using all 4 vacs can produce a massive 74,000 vacuum units and operate over 350 feet of hose. This exceeds the power of many truckmounts. An extreme synergistic package is the TM33-340 Trailer Mount unit with over 442,000 performance units makes it have as much power and heat as two truckmounts.

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