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Mytee LTD3-LX questions and answers

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  • Mytee LTD3-LX questions and answers

    Mytee LTD3-LX questions and answers:

    Q. The factory states that the water pump "Acidic (e.g. acid rinse) and high alkaline (e.g. sodium hydroxide) solutions will damage pump and void warranty," the what exactly can be used?
    A. The machine is currently using a Pumptec 207V AC motor 81149 water pump that is made from a anodized aluminum head. The factory warranty is against manufacturer's defects and not that you wear it out. In other words if the pump quits working, but still turns on, it might be able to be rebuild with a repair kit. If the repair kit fixes it, it is not a manufactures warranty. Nether Pumptec, Mytee, or Steambrite are going to pay for your repair kits even if the machine is less than one year old. Customer have a hard time with this concept. This is also true with ALL other brands of water pumps. It is not like you are receiving less of a warranty with Pumptec/Mytee. Once the pump head is opened up and the cylinders walls are pitted and torn up because the wrong chemicals have been used, this also voids the warranty. Here is what some cleaners do: instead of pre-spraying the cleaners with an injection sprayer followed by a freshwater or rinse aid rinse, they inject the carpet cleaner chemical with the water as they clean. When they finish the job they do not rinse out the cleaner from the inside of the water pump. These cleaners have degreasers in them which will eat the oil in the rubber seals and cause pump failure. Alternatively the formulated rinse aids are acid side and if used too strong will eat the aluminum housing. If you add about 1-2 oz of rinse aid to a gallon of water and then meter into the machine delutes the rinse aid down an acceptable level. The rinse aid is not to be placed in the side mount jug full strength! You also have to make sure you are not using the rinse aid at the same time you are using the injection sprayer with the traffic lane cleaner. I also have to tell you the #2 most common cause of pump failure is to suction feed the pump. This is how the injection system works. Just as the pump pushes water pressure it also sucks on the inbound side. The pump is trying to move a gallon per minute. As the factory starves off the inbound suction side the pump looks for a second source of water. This is the chemical injector. The harder it has to suck, the faster the pump wears out. A pump that would normally last 5 years being pressure feed with a garden hose, now suction feed might only last a year. Starve if off with chemical injection, now it might have to be built every 6 months depending on what you are injecting into it and how hard the factory set the injection system to work. In 40 years of manufacturing and selling carpet cleaning machines, I have never seen a single pump warranty covered by the factory if the pumps electric motor is still turning. Failure is always operator error. Usually dirty filters, air in the system and the pump needs to be vacuum or pressure primed, regulator needs to be rebuilt or lubricated, or the pump head needs to be replace or rebuilt.

    Q. Does the chemical injection system work with all wands?
    A. NO, only high flow wands. I do not expect this will work with a single jetted, low flow, upholstery wands.

    Q. The max pressure is 500 psi, how come my machine does not clean at 500 psi?
    A. The pump head is rated for 800 psi, the motor is rated for 500 psi, the regulator is rated for 600 psi. The weak link is the motor so when I am not using the pump it can read 500 psi, but because this is a suction feed design with chemical injection that requires larges nozzles on your carpet wand, the pressure will fall off to 250 to 350 psi. A few things to keep in mind: # just because the pump motor is rated for 500 psi does not mean it is OK to leave it set at 500 psi. This is like me telling you that your car will drive up to 140 miles per hour and every single time you get behind the wheel you drive on your race track at 140 mph. How long do you think the car will last opposed to you driving at 70 mph on the highway. This is referred to as a service factor ratio. If driving a car 70 mph and is rated for 140 that is a 2 - 1 ratio and usually creates a good longevity. A zero rated service factor usually does not provide longevity. I have customers bring machines in for service with the motor burned up and after we change the motor, we test the machine and it is set to 600 psi (regulator max) and so they were operating there 140 mph car at 170 mph and wondered why it broke... Duuu
    If you have a building at 75 psi water pressure and install a pressure gauge on the side of a garden hose and turn on the water full blast the gauge will only read about 5 psi until you place your thumb over the end of the garden hose and build back pressure. The larger the jet size on your cleaning tool the less 'use' pressure the gauge will read with the trigger squeezed and the easier the chemical injection works. The smaller the nozzle the more 'use' back pressure is created and the less likely the injection system will work. Please do not set your machine past 450 psi. in standby mode. At least this will provide some service factor ratio.

    Q. How does this machine differ from the original Mytee LTD3 VS the LTD3-LX
    A. The original machine used an 18 amp vacuum system with a 13 amp water heater. The newer design LX series is using a 28 amp vacuum system with a 5 amp heater. Both designs clean very well. The advantage to the first design is more temperature rise up and above what the building provides. You usually will experience a degree of rise for each amp you place in the water. 13 degrees F Rise verse 5 degree F rise. At 18 degree rise you water molecule vibration double and it doubles your cleaning efficiency. The new machine is 30% more vacuum power which means it sucks more mud out of the carpet. If you clean a large 2 story home with 40 gallons of water and you suck up 30 gallons of mudy nasty water so you left 10 gallons spread all around the home to dry. The 10 gallons you left in the floor is the same muddy, nasty water. As you clean the machine only suck up the water laying on the floor. If does not go: if you are a dirty water molecule jump in my wand, your a clean water molecule stay behind and dry. The same quality water that is in the vacuum tank is left behind to dry on the carpet. As you have more vacuum you will make your customers happier with faster drying carpets. Features to look for in a machine: #1 vacuum = longer hose runs, wider faster cleaning tools, #2 pump pressure = Speed, #3 heat = try to double, triple water molecule vibration, auto fill / drain.

    Q. Will this machine operate on 15 amp breakers?
    A. No, requires dual 20 amp breakers. The machine is wired with each 14 amp vacuum motor on its own power cord. Each cord will either have the water pump or the heater on it. This means that the motor / heater power cord is pulling 19 amps with the wand on the floor and 20 amps with the wand in the air. Still might trip the breaker so try to leave the wand on the floor making contact with the carpet.

    Q. Are the 6.6 vacuum motors with the stronger vacuum available in other models?
    A. Yes, many other brands offer ametek Lamb 6.6 vacuum motors in 10 amp, 12.5 amp, and 14 amp configurations in either dual or quad motor performance. Amp draw is king so as you vacuum motor uses more electricity it will work better but also can create challenges for plugging in. The 12.5 amp motors are more popular as they will plug into both 15 or 20 amp outlets as Mytee 6.6 motors with the wand off the floor pull 15 amps so are always recommend to plug into 20 amp breakers.

    Q. What are the connections on the back of the machine?
    A. The warm air exhaust ports allow for the Mytee mufflers to be installed. The power cords hook to a flush mount NEMA L5-15P twist lock connection. Mytee supplies 12-3 X 50 ft power cords to hook into these. Each power cord will need to be on its own separate 20 amp breaker. Also on the back is a garden hose in and dirty water drain pump out connection. The AFAD (auto fill, auto drain) hoses are not included. Also on the back wall of the carpet cleaning machine is a set of wheels to help assist in laying the back of the machine on the back bumper of the van and then lift the machine to roll into the service vehicle on its back wall. You will NOT be able to lift this machine into the service truck on your own. The max weight a single man can lift is 150 lbs. This machine is about 160 lbs out of the box. You will have to use the back wall wheels, team lift it with a helper, or use a ramp. I really like the LB10 ramps and used them on my vans.

    Q. Is 500 psi pump enough pressure to clean tile floors?
    A. Yes, but only with the Rhino Tile cleaning wand. This is not enough volume or pressure to use spinner tile cleaning wands.

    Q. Mytee states for this model, "Welcome to the top of the line." Is this really the top, highest rated machine?
    A. No, Amp draw is king. To simply find a higher rated machine, look for a machine that consumes or uses more electricity. This machine is already using two power cords at 20 amps each, so you would have to be willing to plug into a third power cord, or purchase a machine with a pressure feed pump, or purchase a machine with a heat exchanger. Steambrite has portables that operate on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and even 6 power cords. Some or pressure feed, some suction feed, some have heat exchangers, some have electric heaters, some burn a fuel to heat the water, some have much larger vacuum systems, larger pumps, larger pump out systems for water extraction/ flood work. We would have hundreds of machine combinations that have a much higher rated performance number than a Mytee LTD3-LX but in a 40 amp rated, 2 power corded machine, this is in the top 12 list.

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