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Does the Eclipse get 340" of water lift?

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  • Does the Eclipse get 340" of water lift?

    Does the Eclipse get 340" of water lift?

    Question: I was very close to purchasing a eclipse quad 340 water lift, then i saw a forum where the owner donald was giving his opinion on the eclipse vs the powerflite on how he believes the extractors are competitive. now im on your website looking for one that is similar, i liked that one cause it used two regular power cords rather then using one 20 amp cord. so i would have flexibility of plugging in any where i wanted two with high vacuum power, in this forum donald mention a machine that can hook up to a hot water source provided by the customer with a auto dump feature so i can contiunuasly clean with out having to stop to dump and fill. im hoping to hear from you asap!

    The Eclipse does not get 340" lift at sea level or even below sea level.
    There are no videos of this as it is not possible. When a vacuum motor is in series it only achieves a 70% of the vacuum motor in front of it. The highest achieving 2 stages vacuum motors can be up to 10 amps each or 100" of lift and these are not the one installed in the Eclipse but if they were, here would be the results. One motor 100", 2 motors on 170" lift, 3 motors on 219" lift, 4 motors in series 253" lift. Best case.
    In order to make that machine on 2 power cords, they actually have 7.5-amp vacuum motors @ 90" of lift each. 2 in series 153" lift, 3 motors in series 197" lift, 4 vacuum motors in series 228" lift. This would be a low CFM portable since they are all in series. Series vacuum motor increase the cfm by 25% of the one in front of it. 1 motor 100 cfm, 2 motors on 125 cfm, 3 motors on = 132 cfm, 4 motors in series 136 cfm.
    30-amp vacuum
    Eclipse numbers: 228" lift X 126 cfm = 28,728 vacuum units.
    Performance numbers with 7.5 amp vacuum motors: Vacuum units 28,728 + Cleaning units 1 gpm @ 500 psi = 500, no heat = 29,228 performance units

    You might want to look at the Goliath 2 corded unit with a heat exchanger.
    170" lift at 250 cfm = 42,500 vacuum units
    30 am vacuum

    Using the same amount electricity this machine has a performance number
    Vacuum units: 42,500 + Cleaning units 1 gpm X 500 = 500 + BTU 14,000 = 57,000 performance units
    This makes this the #1 highest performing 2 corded portable ever built.