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Quote for a carpet cleaning set up. I Need to know what all I need

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  • Quote for a carpet cleaning set up. I Need to know what all I need

    Question: Hi I’m interested in a quote for a carpet cleaning set up. Need to know what all I need to get please and thank you.

    Answer: That is a complicated question because there are budgets that range between $3000 all the way to $20,000.
    Sometime users would like the same equipment to perform other task while at the home or office. Example tile cleaning, pressure washing, sewer jetting, water extraction (flood work), air duct cleaning. Some operators have weight limitations. Example the heaviest a single male can lift a machine in an out of the service truck is 150 lbs. Other times they can team lift with a helper or use a ramp. Some operators need more vacuum from longer hose runs and or larger wider wands. Carpet cleaning tools are normally 12 inches wide but cleaning with a 14" wide tool cleans 20% faster and cleaning with 15 and 16" wide tools can be up to 37% faster. Some customer like auto fill and auto dump cleaning wands as to manually drain and refill a machine take about 10 minutes so it can waste a lot of time. Especially if you do this 4 or 5 times per job. How many power cords your willing to plug in is the most important. Power consumption is in direct relation to cleaning efficiency and speed. Do you want equipment that can operate on both the electric cloth drier plug as well as standard wall outlets. Some machine require 20Amp 120 volt outlets while other can operate on 15 amp 120 volt outlets. This is important for older buildings or when office equipment might be sharing the same outlets.

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