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Ninja NJA500-10-230v VS Clean Storm 12-6500-H-230v in inches of lift

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  • Ninja NJA500-10-230v VS Clean Storm 12-6500-H-230v in inches of lift

    Question: Can you tell me please cost for :
    Ninja 500psi heated 230v
    Sandia 500 psi heated 230v
    The most water lift vacuum motors.
    Also to get an estimate cost for shipping to Israel 🇮🇱 please.

    Answer: The most water lift??
    Water lift is equal to CFM in importance. It is not OK to simply ask for inches of lift as this does not equate to performance on the carpet by itself.
    Here is an example: Take a marble and place it on a table. Place a high inches of lift vacuum hose/ cuff over the marble and make a seal on the table. Turn on the vacuum, run for a minute, turn off the vacuum, lift the hose, the marble will still be sitting on the table. Take the same experiment and break the air seal or inches of lift and the CFM takes the marble down the vacuum hose at 60+ Kilometers per hour. One side of the formula does nothing without the other.
    This is why the correct way to look at vacuum is amp draw as well as Vacuum units. Vacuum units = max CFM @ zero inches of lift X (times) Max inches of lift @ zero cfm.
    The higher the number is amp draw or in Vacuum units is the winner. To simply ask for inches of lift means nothing.
    Please note Ninja NJA500-10 heated is only available in single 3 stage or 6.5 amp @ 240 volt vacuum system (1560 watts)
    This machine is 125” lift @ 100 cfm = 12500 vacuum units.
    The Sandia Clean Storm 12-6500-H is a dual 6.6 vacuum system at 12.5 amp @ 240 volt vacuum system (3000 watts)
    Sandia Clean Storm 12-6500-H is 215” lift X 170 cfm = 36,550 vacuum units
    The Clean Storm is 92% more suction / vacuum power than a Ninja heated unit based on amp draw and 292% more vacuum power based on vacuum units.
    This is almost confusing to me that you wanted to compare such wildly different performing machines.
    This is different that asking what heated machines offer vacuum over 3000 watts for vacuum power.
    Expect to pay about $400 USD surcharge for the voltage upgrade from 120 volts to 240 volts on both machines.
    Please note because the vacuum system is much larger in the Clean Storm the heater is a little smaller.
    Ninja is 1800 watts of heat, Clean Storm, in this model, is 1200 watts of heat.
    Some customers want a lot of everything, more vacuum, larger pump, more heat but as one part of the machine is stronger the other side has to be smaller or it will trip the breakers.
    Also overall, the Ninja is designed to operate on dual 8 amp breakers at 240 volts
    The Clean Storm operates on dual 10 amps breakers at 240 volts.
    Shipping can cost $3000 USD for ocean port and $6000 USD for air to the door.
    Rates today 2022-04-21
    Ninja NJA500-10 in 240 volt $3976 includes hoses and wand
    Cleaning Storm 12-6500-H-230 $2802. + hoses and tools
    Both special order machine take 10 weeks to build.


    Clean Storm 12-6500-H