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How often does a pressure regulator have to be lubricated?

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  • How often does a pressure regulator have to be lubricated?

    Questions: How often to lube the Goliath Compete Heat pressure regulator o-ring? Also, I assume when the thermo sensor turns on due to 140+ water temp, the water dumps into the waste tank to prevent pump damage? Will idling the pump for a few minutes damage the pump at any time?

    Answer: The factory recommends the lube be added every 90 days or 50-100 hours of machine use. See video on link

    140 degree sensor is designed to prevent pump damage as the Pumptec seals are only rated for 140 degrees F.

    It is supposed to pick up the pace of the water through the heat exchanger but usually would cool down the heater in just a minute or two and then close back up.
    It is possible to add a spray jet In the waste tank if you do not want the pump pressure to drop to zero psi during the 1 minute cool down.
    The average temperature at customers home is 110 degrees F. The average temperature rise from the heat exchanger is 30 degree f.
    The idea behind this design was to keep the inbound water as close to 140 degrees as possible to maximize the heat.
    Even though this machine was not designed for 100% inbound cold water, I have customers tell me they use it like this with good heating results.
    I personally have never tried it or did any testing.
    We know with 110 degree inbound water, this machine can maintain 165 degrees leaving the machine. This is the hottest portable carpet cleaning machine ever built.
    Idling the pump increases the heat in the return loop from the pressure regulator. The 140 degree F safety sensor will still work and protect the pump against heat damage normally caused by excessive idle time.