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Mytee S-300H VS Mytee Lite 8070 how do they compare?

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  • Mytee S-300H VS Mytee Lite 8070 how do they compare?

    Mytee S-300 shorter 8.ft hose set vs Mytee 8070 longer 15 ft hose set.
    Mytee S-300 smaller 2 stage 7.5 amp vacuum motor VS Mytee 8070 3 stage 10 amp vacuum motor (sucks out more mud so leaves the fabric cleaner)
    Mytee S-300 slower cleaning 55 psi pump VS Mytee 8070 120 psi faster cleaning Pump
    Mytee S-300H 600 Watt Heater VS Mytee 8070 with 1000 Watt heater
    Mytee S-300H 1.5 gallon tank size VS Mytee 8070 3 gallon tank size.
    Mytee S-300H sales are higher than the Mytee 8070 strictly because of the cheaper price.
    Mytee S-300H cleans at about half the speed of the Mytee 8070
    Mytee S-300H use a 16-3 power cord VS Mytee 8070 12-3 power cord.
    Mytee S-300H is a 13 amp @ 120 volt performance VS Mytee 8070 is 20 amps @ 120 volt performance.
    Amp draw is king in performance and speed. Any machine that uses or consumes more electrical power will out perform a machine that uses less power.
    Please note, these machines are very popular but by no means the strongest or fastest cleaning machines.
    We sell machines that use 30 amps, 40 amps, 45 amp, 60 amps… that are true professional high speed cleaning machines.
    The above machines using 13 – 20 amps is in the lower performance group when considering all 500 different models of auto detail extractors, but the Mytee S-300H and Mytee 8070 are more popular because of the price point.

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