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    Question: I've been doing some reading on the Steam Brite forums. Currently I run a floor care business, mainly doing VCT flooring, maintaining , stripping and waxing. I want to get into more carpet cleaning as I frequently receive questions about doing that kind of work. I eventually want to get a truck mount system. However, due to the economy and other factors, I feel it would be better to invest a smaller amount into a portable cleaner. If the opportunities present themselves in the future to expand, then I would look more into the truck mounted units.

    My main question is....What kind of potable machine will serve me the best? I plan on doing commercial (small offices, waiting rooms) and residential. (I plan on targeting the homes at $250,000 and under since most of those over this amount want a truck mount) The numbers are impressive on the Eclipse....249" lift, 500 psi 3 vac motors and heater. I've rea some of your posts saying it's hard to work on. I'm curious as to wht this is since everything seems very accessible. I know numbers can be deceiving too. Would you reccomend any other machines and what comparisons there are? David

    Answer: Several points mentioned on the forums because they need to be said.
    The Eclipse / Whisper that we sell does have triple 2 stage vacuum motors but does not generate 249" of lift (not even at sea level). No only have we put a vacuum gauge on the machine but do the math. One vac motor does 90" and two does 155" (not another 90" because this would be 180) The second vacmotor only performs at 65" more inches which is 72% of the vacuum motor in front of it. .72 x 65" = 47" for the third vacuum motor. Add them up 90 + 65 + 47 = 202" total at less than 100 cfm (less than 20200 vacuum units). You also need to realize that series mounted vacuum motors reduces CFM air flow through the vacuum system, so I doubt that it really would even be 100 cfm. This is the performance we also get when testing the unit. The posting on the forum is before the manufacture redesigned the unit to make it easier to work on in late 2007.
    I do not feel you have provided me enough information to help you narrow down your search of a portable. Please read the article on narrowing down your search and get back to me with the answers to the questions listed on that article. Are you looking more suction, more psi, auto fill and auto dump (if you want auto dump how many gpm do you want it to pump out -just enough for cleaning or do you want to do flood restoration too), how many power cords are you willing to plug in, what is you max weight limit you are willing to lift, are you planing on using a ramp or team lift, are you going to climb a lot of stairs, how much vacuum hose do you want to be able to run, do you want to leave the machine in the van while cleaning, do you want heat (heat exchanger or electric or both), are you going to want to clean tile and grout or air ducts too, how much pressure do you want, do you have a $$ budget for this project??

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    Q. Sorry but I'm still waiting to have access to the forum to post comments there.

    A. What is your user name and I will see if I can turn it on for you. We had to close out the forum to new users because some jerk developed software to allows spam posting on forums and we are getting bombarded by all types of junk.

    Q. Thanks for your quick reply and I hope I can provide more info this time.
    1. I am able to spend up to $3000 or so for a portable (more if I think it's a good deal for the $$$)
    2. I will be using a ramp, so weight should not be an issue unless it is over 250lbs.
    3. I am wanting to provide quality cleaning so I want a heater. How does exchanger work? Better than electric?

    A. (Heat exchanger will used the hot exhaust coming out of the vacuum motors or motor box ambient heat to help boost the water temp. Not better than electric other than free energy (don't have to plug it in), Machines that use both electric and heat exchanger work the best for maintaining the best heat, Please note the maximum pump pressure you can have and use a heater (electric or heat exchanger is 500 psi (see below comment about cleaning pressure)

    Q. 4. I don't plan on using more than 75' of hose

    A. (6 stages of vacuum is needed for 75 ft)

    Q. 5. I want to have the carpets dry faster than most. I guess at least 3- 2 stage motors

    A. (or 2 three stage motors will work just as well)

    Q. 6. Auto fill would be nice....COST?

    A. Usually $200

    Q. Can it be attached to my machine?

    A. Yes

    Q. How does it work?

    A. You use a faucet adapter to convert the faucet threads off the kitchen sink to garden hose threads and operate a high temp garden hose from the sink to your auto fill tank or directly to the water pump.

    Q. Couldn't find much info on website

    A. (Auto fill can be added to any machine with ease. Submerged Auto dump can only be fit on certain machines. Three different types of auto dump: submersible (inside of the waste tank), sub mount(in motor box), external (a different machine placed in line along the vacuum hose -like the Octavac or min auto dump tank)

    Q. 7. Auto dump too just for cleaning (NO flood restoration).....COST?

    A. Adding auto dump to most machine is $400. The reason I ask about this is some machine only have dump pumps rated for 5 gpm. This is not enough for flood restoration or tile cleaning. All your sub mounted (motor box mounted) dump pumps are low of gpm.

    Q. 8. I plan on taking it into homes, unless it will have enough suction sitting in the van. How much hose over 75' would I need?

    A. The minimum hose length to leave a machine in the van and clean most homes is 125 ft. This would require 2" vacuum hose and a minimum of 8 stages of vacuum.

    Q. 9. I want good psi (I'll only be doing carpet) 500 should be good.

    A. (Please note 500 psi on a 500 psi portable is not maintained during the cleaning process. Rather the pumps push 500 psi when you are not using the machine and as you squeeze the trigger on the cleaning tool the pressure drops off as much as 50% depending on the size of the spray jets you are using. If you really want to clean with 500 psi, you need a 1000 psi pump. This is why truck mounted machines can clean at 500 psi because that all use 1000+ psi pumps.)

    Q. 10. I don't plan on climbing too many stairs with the machine but the large tires would be nice in case.
    11. I want an electrical converter which would allow me to use 3 cords if needed

    A. (a three gang converter will give you one receptacle for 20 amps and two more @ 15 amps each)

    Q. 12. An injection sprayer would be nice. How do they get up to 1000 psi? Run off machine?

    A. All injection sprayers can handle up to 1000 psi, but most customers use them at 500 psi and they do operate off the water pressure from the cleaning machine.
    I hope this answers most of the questions. Let me know what else you need. Thank you again.
    If the dream machine you want is not being mass produced by any of the major manufactures, we can custom make any machine you want.
    Top machines to look at:
    We can offer you the Eclipse aka Whisper by TMI (+ the machine can be made to order, -- small dump pump, the machine will only come with two power cords so you can never operate all the feature you have installed on the machine because it will still trip breakers. If you really want this machine I would have to check with the factory to see if it can be made with a three cord option. Operates at about 18,180 vacuum units.
    Mega 3 with Water Hog pump and heater. Pluses: 4 power cords makes is easy not tripping breakers. 3 cords will operate on 15 amp breakers and the heater on 18 amps. Lightweight and no ramp needed to load or un-load. Huge dump pump will keep up with any project you throw at it. 1200 psi pump will give true 500 psi clean pressure at the wand. Operates at 25,000 vacuum units --minuses: you have to roll two pieces of equipment in the home instead of one.
    Enterprise: Pluses: climbs stairs better than any other portable, made to order design, 8 stage of vacuum with 200 cfm, 33 gpm auto dump is one of the best, all stainless steel and aluminum construction, easy to load and unload, no ramp needed. Uses the same pump and heater that the Mega three does above. Operates at 33,000 vacuum units. -- Minuses: takes at least a month to get one so order early.
    Black Max: 6 stages of vacuum, 500 psi pump, electric heat and ambient heat exchanger, 15 gallon tanks. Operates at about 18,900 vacuum units --Minuses: Auto fill and dump are custom installed by us for $700 more. Auto dump would be sub-mounted pump so only good for cleaning.
    Octavac: 6 stages of vacuum with 200 cfm, huge 46 gpm auto dump is the largest in the industry, can be used as dry Hepa shop vac too. Easy load and load. Operates at 25,000 vacuum units --minuses: Pump and heater are external
    Mytee 1003DX with Mytee 7000 booster: Pluses: 9 stages of vacuum @ 300 cfm and 2" vac port makes this unit operate at 37500 vacuum units and will easily operate 200 ft of 2" vacuum hose + a 15 ft 1.5" leader. Use the Mytee 7000 uses one of the best auto dump pumps in the industry or use the Universal vacuum booster is no auto dump is needed. Auto fill added for $200 more. Minuses: two machines are used because it is so large. Cleaning pressure is closer to 250 to 350 psi because it is a 500 psi pump.


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      Eclipse with an RX-20 wand

      Q. will the eclipse work with the RX-20 or the HydraMaster DriMaster?

      A. The RX-20 requires a min cfm rating of 200 to use and since this machine only generates about 90 cfm, the answer is No it will not run the RX-20 and dry the carpet very well. You could use it and the carpet would take the rest of the day to dry.

      Q. At this point, am I better off getting a truck mount?

      A. Not at your budget level. Their is nothing wrong with electric machines and they offer many advantages over truckmounts including the easy low cost mantainance and initial investment.


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        King Cobra option

        Q. I've been offered a King Cobra 500 for $2950. Is the Cross American Recoil XPS 500 psi better or comparable? Any other machines in this range I should consider? Thanks again for all of your help.

        A. I have yet to find a single customer how likes their King Cobra extractor. I am sure they are out there, I just don't know of any. The auto dump machines filtration unit is too small the so is the dump pump. It is super heavy and only has 3 stages of vacuum. Maximum cleaning distance: 25 ft from the machine-that is it. Why would anyone only want to be stuck with a machine that is too heavy to take upstairs and then not have enough power to clean the second floor. If you ever get a customer with a two story project, your screwed. Way, way over priced for what you get. You have to tell me why this machine is on your possibility list?? This machine is not even in the same league as a Cross American Recoil XPS 500 psi. That is like trying to compare a Hugo to a Lexus -they are the same because they have 4 tires and 4 doors?
        OK, let us start over.
        How large do you want the tanks?
        How many stages of vacuum do you want?
        What size water pump do you want?
        Do you want auto fill and dump?
        How many power cords are you willing to plug in?
        Are you going to operate high cfm equipment like: water claws, power wands, air duct cleaning attachments?
        How many feet of hose do you want to run?
        What is the maximum weight you are willing to have the machine?
        Do you want a machine with and electric heater, heat exchanger, or both?

        I would love to mention some other machine options to you, but all the machines you mention are very different from one another.


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          Portables that can handle the RX20

          You need an extractor with 200 cfm with at least 125" of lift with a 2" vacuum port to operate an RX-20.
          This would include: (Group One) Goliath, Enterprise, Octavac, Mega3, DrainVac, (Group Two) Mytee 1003DX, Mytee 1005DX. This is also possible if you add a 100 cfm vacuum booster to an of the 100 cfm extractors. This would include: (Group Three) Powerflite, Diamondback, Whisper / Eclipse, Cross American, ect... All machine can have a vacuum booster installed so it would be possible with all brands.
          The RX-20 uses lots of water, so auto fill and dump would be important. All the machines in Group One and Two can have auto fill and dump added, but Group One are large heavy duty 20+ GPM pumps and Group Two would be sub-mounted 5 gpm pumps.
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            Sandia Sniper

            Q. You may have already read that I'm interested in the Sandia Sniper 12. Can it have a auto fill installed on it or will it have to be temporary? Does it automatically come with the chemical injector too? With all of the stuff we've discussed, I think I'll be happy with this machine. Your thoughts? Anything I might miss out on by getting this machine? Thank you.

            A. The Sandia Sniper 12 gallon unit is available in 500 psi and 1200 psi. The 500 psi is available with heat and 6 stages of vacuum, The 1200 psi is available with 5 stages of vacuum without heat.
            Both are available with auto fill and dump. The auto dump pump is submerged heavy duty style and is rated at 20+ GPM. The auto fill has chemical injection but using chemicals through the pump will dramatically shorten the life of the pressure pump. We recommend the use of an injection sprayer instead to apply chemicals
            Injection Sprayer, INJ-2000, , 5 QT. INJECTOR SPRAYER Parts interchangeable with HydroForce 30 TO 1000 psi Use with Truck Mount or Portable Valve by DEMA ENGINEERING Multi-Sprayer first with stronger, translucent 5 quart jugs Each unit sold with 2 jugs...

            You cannot use the heater and auto dump at the same time for it will trip the breaker.
            HTTP:// Current price is $1815 + auto fill and dump $600 = $2415
            HTTP:// $2695 + 2000 watt external heater $347
            Mytee Hot Box 2000watt Inline Heater, 200-120, , by Mytee,         My Stats Applications   Specifications Watts 2000 Temperature 210 water Temp Features 2 Switches to adjust heat Cord 25 power cord         ...

            = $3042
            Mega3 (6 stages of vacuum w/ 20+ Auto dump GPM @ 200 CFM)
            Kleenrite Mega 3 Flood Pumper Extractor - 2 3 Vacs - 20gpm Auto Dump - Nonheated Mega3, Mega 3 Flood, MEGA Flood Pumper, Portable Extractors by Machine, Equipment Carpet Cleaning Machines, by KleenRite, Maximum Flood Extraction capability can be yours ...

            $1695 + Water Hog $740.32
            HTTP:// + 2000 watt external heater $347 (above) = $2782.32
            I am still not clear if you are looking at the 500 psi pump or the 1200 psi pump machines.


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              Sandia VS Recoil

              Question: They had it on sale for being a demo model. After I did more research, I found the issues you mentioned. Thanks for your patience. In searching your website, I noticed the Sandi: Sniper 12 with heater. I like the suction power. I've concluded that the auto fill and dump options won't be needed by me for now. If I get enough jobs to need that, I would go to truck mount. Even if I have to fill up twice, 12 gallon vss. 16 gallon. Only 2 cords seems to be a benefit too. Is spending another $1000 to $1200 worth the Recoil XPS? That is probably more up to me.

              Answer: If you are going to use the RX20, then yes, purchase the Recoil because the 300 cfm and 2" vacuum hose is going to really help you. If you are going to use a standard wand the Sandia is fine.


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                Mytee 1003DX with Mytee 7000 booster: Pluses: 9 stages of vacuum @ 300 cfm and 2" vac port makes this unit operate at 37500 vacuum units and will easily operate 200 ft of 2" vacuum hose + a 15 ft 1.5" leader. Use the Mytee 7000 uses one of the best auto dump pumps in the industry or use the Universal vacuum booster is no auto dump is needed. Auto fill added for $200 more. Minuses: two machines are used because it is so large. Cleaning pressure is closer to 250 to 350 psi because it is a 500 psi pump.

                Why do you recomend the flood pumper 1200 dollars vs. the air hog which 400 somethin dollars gives 10 stage of vacum and 200 cfm from booster and 202 from machine 400 cfm for the long hose runs at powerful lift ??


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                  Mytee 7000 Vs. Mytee Products Air Hog

                  The Mytee 7000 offers the auto dump feature. The Mytee air hog does not. Hear are the number with the air hog and a mytee 1003
                  Max inches of lift 185 X max cfm = 37,000 vacuum units. With the wand on the carpet 9250 vacuum units
                  Mytee 1003 with Mytee 7000:
                  Max inches of lift 125 X max cfm 300 = 37,500 vacuum units. With wand on the carpet 9375 vacuum units.


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                    Donald, you have been extremely patient and this is the best numbers oriented carpet cleaning forum I have been to.

                    I have spent a bit of time on Mikeys Board and Truckmount forums. I have a bunch of gear I have picked up used. I have come to a lot of the same conclusions that you have just stated in this thread.

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                      Thank you for the complement.