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Mytee 1003DX on 15 amp breakers

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  • Mytee 1003DX on 15 amp breakers

    Question: Hi, I'm interested to find out more about Mytee carpet extractor. The 1003DX has a heater and requires 20 amp power. Can it be used by plugged into the normal 15 amp outlet? I will be cleaning in commercial offices only. If it is not OK to use the normal 15 amp outlet then my second choice would be the 1005, the one without the heater. Do you ship the machine to Canada also? If you do would you ship it by UPS or others?


    Answer: The Mytee 1003DX only draws 20 amps per cord when you are using the electric heaters. If you turn the heaters off, the machine can be operated on 15 amp breakers. Even though you would not use the heat on every job, it does still offer advantage over the 1005DX. First, you could use the heaters and the pumps to preheat the water in the tank. (a $5 part is needed to do this) Once the water reaches 140 degrees F, turn the heaters off and turn on the vacuum to clean. Second, heat is great to use on upholstery and carpet cleaning when 20 amps is available. You might want to check and see if any of your commercial locations have an electric coffee machine outlet, closes dryer outlet, or water heater outlet. See
    the Mytee 5000 converter
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    We ship world wide and Canada is no problem. The boxes exceed the maximum dimension for USPS or UPS to accept so it ships using a trucking company.

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    "you could use the heaters and the pumps to preheat the water in the tank. (a $5 part is needed to do this)"

    Donald that's a great Idea!! Where do I get this $5 part?? and what is it anyway?


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      Pre-heat the freash water tank with your inline heater

      Just snap a blank male brass QD in the end of your solution hose and drop the solution hose into the fresh tank.
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      Turn on the heater and pump and let the water circulate in a loop. Please do not let the temp exceed 140 degree F. because that is the max temp in coming water to prevent damage to the water pump seals.