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2/3 3/3 quad vacs

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  • 2/3 3/3 quad vacs

    What are the ADvantages . Why are most units 2/2 or 2/3 ? You would think 4 vac or 3/3would be the best . If you have a PORTY you dont want a 15 ft hose behind you. at least 75 -100 .

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    now if went to 2 inch hose that would double ....


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      2" vacuum ports

      You are correct. If you have a machine like the Enterprise that operatates 4 vacs in two series pair, you can go out 200 ft with 2" hose. The same with the Mytee with the Universal vac booster - easily 200 ft.

      I think that most machines are made with dual 2 stage or dual 3 stage because of price, machine weight, and the number of power cords most customers are willing to plug in.
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        Feet of hose

        I don't understand why everyone wants so much hose. I am running 15 or 20ft of hose and have not needed any more. I like to be close to the machine in case something goes wrong with it and to keep an eye on the water levels. Stairs are the only reason I could see needing longer hoses. I clean restaurants and residential homes and have had no problems.


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          cleaning close to the machine.

          I hope you are wearing ear plugs. If not, by the time you retire you be wearing hearing aids.