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  • Need advice on upgrading, please


    I do maintenance for beach high-rise condos in Panama City Beach, FL. Right now, I have a Nobles Trooper 1000 portable extractor. It has 1-3 stage vac, a 100psi solution pump, no heat, etc... This machine has done a great job and has never had one issue, I just need something bigger and badder. A lot of these condos have white carpet that just get TRASHED in the traffic areas. The sand and lotions and whatever else turn them black.

    I am looking at the Mytee M5 and the Masterforce 3500. I love the auto dump/auto fill feature, as filling/emptying the machine is a real ****. I would like to see what your opinion is on these two machines or if you have a better set-up for under 3000.00. These are the options I am looking for:

    Vacs: At least 2-3 stage vacs(would like to run 50-75 ft of hose)

    Solution pump: At least 500 psi (I read the thread on pressure drop)

    Needs to be One unit, the parking garages for these condos are across the street and you have to lug your equipment across a catwalk, so I need to be able to get everything to the unit in one shot.

    Would prefer to have a heater(the one thing the M5 and Masterforce don't have, and I really feel would make a huge difference for what I am trying to clean)

    If you could give me suggestions on what would work the best for me, that would be great. I noticed youguys can add things like auto dump/auto fill to some machines or turn flood pumpers into carpet extractors, etc..., just don't know what would be the best bet.

    Thanks and sorry fo the long post.

    Bill Sprowls
    Beach Front Rental
    Panama City Beach, FL
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    I just called a semi-local(1 1/2 hours away) company about the M5 and they quoted me 2401 out the door for an M5 w/50' Hose/2-jet s-bend/etc, so I don't think I can do better than that, but I haven't ordered it yet, so still open to suggestions.



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      Mytee M5

      Is located on our web site at
      Clean Storm 12gal 500psi Dual 3 Stage Vacuums Auto Fill 20gpm Auto Dump Carpet Cleaning Machine Only 12-3500-AFAD , 12-3500-AFAD, Flood Pumpers Extractors, Equipment Restoration, by Clean Storm, New Taking the cleaning world by STORM is the introductor...

      We guaranty the lowest prices, so please email us if you find a lower posted price anywhere.

      Food for thought: If the machine is auto fill and dump, how come they make this in the larger body style? Auto fill and dump machine don't need to carry very much water because they are auto fill and dump? I think Mytee would have done better using the smaller body style by converting a Mytee 1005DX to auto fill and dump. I like auto fill and dump machines. I am a big fan of them. I spent 20 years cleaning restaurants, cleaning tile, and performing millions of sq ft of water damage restoration. Here is the problem with having a small auto dump pump. Works OK for cleaning but not for floods. The 3 gallons per minute is the rating of the pump outside of the carpet cleaning machine. It is not rated at this when it is in use with a vacuum pulling back on the dumping water. If you are going to use in water damage clean up, please consider a machine that uses a dump pump mounted inside of the waste tank, not under it.
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        Thats why I was trying to see if you had a better set-up since you guys can add features to stock machines. Would I be better off with what you mentioned? I don't do much flood clean-up, but it has happened in a couple of our units, so the option would be nice. What do you suggest for me?


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          Sandia auto fill and dump

          Sandia makes a real nice extractor with dual 3 stage vacuum, 500 psi pump, 20 gallon per min submerged auto dump, auto fill with chemical injection, 25 ft hose set and wand.
          Sandia Sniper 12gal 500psi Dual 3 Stage Vacs Auto Fill Auto Dump Flood Pumper Carpet Cleaning Extractor Package With Hose Set, Wand, DVDs, Chemicals 80-3500AFAD 120 Volts, 80-3500AFAD, Sniper 12 Gal Carpet Cleaning Machine, Portable Extractors by Machi...

          The dump pump is a true dump pump that can handle flood restoration


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            Could that internal heater be installed on this unit also? If so, how much total and how long would it take to get to me (Panama City Beach, FL 32408)? Also, It looks like this unit has 1.5" vacuum connection and the vacs in series?(correct me if Im wrong, but it shows 170" lift, so just assuming), how will this unit compare to the Mytee's 2" inlet and 200 cfm/147" lift? The most important thing to me is suction and solution pump, Heat, and auto fill auto dump for cleaning. I would like to be able to do a flood cleanup if need be, but not at the expense of carpet cleaning performance.

            Let me know what you think. I appreciate the help. I will most likely purchase through you.

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              Sandia Plastic VS Mytee Products

              Sandia does use 1.5" ID port and Mytee 2". Sandia will make the machine in parallel (high cfm) at no extra cost. Sandia can make their heated machine with these same features but the unit will trip breakers with ease. This is the reason that mytee does not make the 1003DX with auto fill and dump. Sandia will make it, but you will have to purchase a 220 volt converter box to run it off of if you want to make sure it is not going to trip breakers. The machine already draws 20 amps and then adding a 3 to 5 amp pump will take it to the limit. They take between one to 4 weeks to build your machine and then add a week for shipping. The max cfm you can draw in a 1.5" id hose is 200 cfm. When the wand is on the carpet the machine is using about half of that and drawing about half the inches of lift too. The machine will run 75 ft of hose with ease.


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                I see what you're saying, but I am hoping to be able to park the machine in the kitchen of these units, run the lines where they need to go, and not have to move the machine until I leave. The heater has 2 cords and says it draws 14 amps. Is that total or for each line? Sorry for all the questions, I just want to get the best possible setup that will do the best possible job the fastest. Most of the time I am having to try and get more units than I can handle done from 10 am to 5 pm(between check out and check in), and these carpets get really trashed with a lot of sand and lotions and other spills. I want something that will kick ass on these things with the least amount of time spent.

                If you were me, and did nothing but High-Rise condos, had to walk the machine a long distance to even get to the elevators, and were dealing with some pretty bad traffic lanes full of sand, and had a short amount of time to get a lot done, what would your setup be? I also need a recommendation on chemicals, because the PowerMax powder I am using as a pre-spray isnt getting the job done on the dingies. What would you use there too?

                THanks a lot, I know I am a **** in the ass right now,


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                  Power consuption

                  each 3 stage vacuum motor draws 10 amps each - one to a power cord.
                  The machine has two 1000 watt heaters - one per power cord.
                  1000 watts divided by voltage 120 = amps 8.33 per power cord.
                  pumps use 1 amp per 100 psi being used, so the amp draw will fluctuate between 3 to 5 amps.
                  Auto dump pumps draw between 3 to 4 amps but only come one for a few seconds (under 10 seconds to empty the tank)
                  One cord would run a vacuum motor, half a heating system, auto dump
                  one cord would run a vacuum motor, the other half of the heater, and pressure pump
                  Here is the other thing to look at. If your location is 115 volts, the machine will draw more amps. More voltage, less amps. The amp draw of an electrical device is much higher during the first second and then drops to a lower draw. The more you restrict the air flow through the machine the less amps it takes to spin the vacuum motors at 18,000 rpm. The less air flow mean less air friction and that is why the vacuum motors speed up when you place you hand over the end of the hose. The machines amp draw is fluctuating all the time. This machine will do what you want it to do. Set up once and clean the entire place. Look at our carpet cleaning chemical starter pack
                  Chemical Starter Packages, Carpet Care, Chemicals, Shazaam Carpet Cleaning Start Up Chemical Package, Shazaam Chemical Start Up Package for Stains, Shazaam Mytee Speedster 1003DX Starter Package, Shazaam Odor Control Start Up Packages, Prochem Carpet C...


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                    That machine sounds good, the only other thing is I need the machine as quickly as possible. What are the chances it would take longer than two weeks to build? Any way I can get a rush order?
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                      The last thing, does this machine have anything to hold the wand and/or hoses on the machine so you don't have to carry seperately? Or is there anything they can install on it to do so? How about the Mytee? Im still not sold on the Sandia. I like that the mytee is already set up vac wise and I like the 2" inlet. The vac motors on the Sandia seem a little weak to me also(170" lift for 2-3 stage in series?). The Mytee shows 147" lift with 200 cfm. I know they are just factory specs, but the mytee seems better in that respect. The 20gpm auto dump would be nice, but I would rarely need it, if ever. I just want the best performing machine for carpet cleaning, and Im not sure the sandia has as good of specs(correct me if I'm wrong) as far as Vacuum Units. I would really like a heater, and I know I would have to get an electric in-line with the mytee, so that sucks. I dont really care how many cords I need to plug in, the machine would be parked in one spot during the entire job, so I can string cords wherever. And with time being a big concern to me(this is our busy season and I need something better than i have asap), something that is already built and ready to go is a plus.
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                        Mytee 1003DX

                        If you do not need auto fill or and dump, please make sure you saw the Mytee 1003DX
                        Mytee Speedster 1003DX - 2 3 Vacs - 450psi - 2000 Watt Heater Machine only, 1003DX, Speedster Cleaning Machines, Portable Extractors by Machine, Equipment Carpet Cleaning Machines, by Mytee, Guaranteed  lowest prices.  Call 210-662-9000 , ema...

                        This unit is going to have 12 gallon tanks, 450 psi, dual 1000 watt heaters, dual 3 stage mounted for 200 cfm, 25 ft hose set, dual 50 ft power cords, 2" vac port, cord and hose caring rack, dual jet wand.
                        You can add the auto fill kit (self install for $200 more)
                        Auto Fill with Chemical Injector, DE440-23BT, Tanks, Parts & Accessories, This unit and permanently or temporary installed on your carpet cleaning extractor to allow auto fill with adjustable chemical injection. Works with hot or cold water. Float ...

                        The machine would not have auto dump, but you state you would not use this very often any way.
                        You could purchase an extra 50 ft 3000 psi pressure and vacuum hose set for $159.99 and a vacuum hose connector for $3.55 more
                        Mytee units are always ready to ship and Sandia's can be a little slow. Sometimes if I call Sandia, they tell me it will be ready in one week and this turns into 4 weeks.
                        I notice your comment about you do not care how many power cords it takes. Please look at the Goliath with the Water Hog combination
                        -DriStorm Goliath Flood Pumper 26gal Four 2 Stage Vacs and Pressure Washer Recovery 120v with Lint Filtration SBM-GO-A SBMGOA, SBM-GO-A, Flood Pumpers Extractors, Equipment Restoration, by Shazaam, DriStorm Goliath Flood Pumper 26gal Four 2 Stage Vacs ...


                        This system has lots of advantages to being a mini truck mount.
                        Quad vacs that offer both high cfm and high inches of lift.
                        Easy to lift in and out of the service vehicle.
                        A 1200 psi pump that will clean at a full truckmount cleaning pressure (550 psi++)
                        Complete automation of auto fill and dump.
                        The system is available with and without heat. Three power cords without heat and four with heat.


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                          Well, I do want auto dump also, just probably don't have to have the 20gpm. I like the idea of the goliath, but with the two units, is there any way one man could take them both to the unit in one shot(ie: stack them up or a cart that would work)? I really like the sounds of the 4 2 stage vacs. Now, with the auto fill ad-on, it can be installed on any carpet extractor? I guess the biggest **** in the butt is the FILLING, the dumping isnt as much of a hassle, even though I would love to have both.
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                            Alright, it looks like the Mytee M5 with an inline heater is gonna be the best bet. I looked at the specs of the 1003dx and it shows lower cfm and water lift then the M5. Having an external heater is a good trade off for power and auto dump. A few questions:

                            I saw somewhere that an onboard injection sprayer is an option on the Mytees and that there is a spot for it to be carried on the machine. Is it a decent sprayer and how much extra? Or is it just a bracket that will hold an injection sprayer?

                            Is the Mytee hot box a good heater?

                            How fast can this unit be at my door?

                            Do I purchase everything through the site or is there a better way to order?

                            Thanks for all your help and suggestions.

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                              Im hoping to have this thing ordered today. You've been a huge help, but if you can let me know what the best way to order is and about the add-ons, I'll go ahead and order it up so I can have it on its way.

                              Thanks a lot