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  • Donald or John -

    I lost my job last year, and trying to make ends meet. I have looked at your MyTee Lite II 8070, 100psi, 85" lift 1kw heater, 3 gal. and your
    DurrMaid S2H-1500, 88psi, 102" lift, 2kw heater, 2 gal.

    I like both of these, the pricing is close, with the MyTee higher. If I just use the machine for detailing auto interiors, and occasionally the stairs of my house, which would do the best job for both? I think I understand what lift and psi are, and that more heat is better for loosening up dirt, etc, in carpets, etc..

    Knowing your experience in the business and feedback you get from your customers, who has been the most satisifed - the DurrMaid buyers or the MyTee buyers of these sizes?
    I have read everything I can find on your site used your Search tool, and looked at other sites that are nowhere nearly as good as yours.

    Also, do both brands sell a crevice tool? Are self contained tools better for this application? Do you have those too?

    It is not always sunny and warm way up here, so I am interested in getting as much water out of carpets as possible, and hopefully using a fan if needed to get it completly dry.

    Appreciate your help, you can email me direct if your wish..

    Thanks again, pls send my regards to Sandy Ware.


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    Mtyee VS Durrmaids

    The Mytee at 100 psi and an in-line heater is going to offer faster cleaning and faster heating. The Durrmaids and Aztec units only heat the water when the vacuum motors are turned off. The Mytee will clean and heat at the same time. 3 gallon tanks are going to offer the ability to clean your carpets in small areas, where the 1.5 gallon units are designed to only clean spots. The vacuum motor in the Mytee unit is larger too. We sell lots of heated spotting machines, and their is nothing wrong with them. Just that the process of cleaning is a little slower.

    We have all the tools you could ever need. I do not understand the term Self Contained Tools. Do you mean internal spray?

    The best cleaning for cars is with our 200 + psi heated machines but they are going to be in the $1500 range


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      Thanks Donald -

      Appreciate the information. Understand more now than I have in days of searching through endless posts.
      I believe the MyTee Lite II 8070 might be the best choice now, since you explained the differences it had vs the DurrMaid.

      I meant the "internal spray" tools, for crevice and the 3-4" cleaning tool, so do you sell those for this machine, or is there some other pre-requisite that applies to use those tools?
      I liked the idea of a Lexan tool that the DurrMaid had so you could see how dirty the water is and how much is still in the carpet vs the stainless steel tool, what are your thoughts about this please ?

      Lastly, I noticed the water lift is less (85") in the MyTee vs 102" in the DurrMaid - will I be able to tell a difference at all with these numbers so close?
      I agree that a more expensive unit would be the best in terms of cleaning faster, better, and lasting longer, but I just can afford it right now. I wish I could, but I cant.

      Thanks again for all your help ! I hope to be able to make a purchase soon, and your Company is definitely in the short list !



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        Donald -

        I ended up talking to John at your Shop today, and we worked out a purchase with his advise. It is already written up with an Invoice number, and I expect to see the equipment probably end of next week, all the way up here by Seattle, WA. Thanks for the help and time to write your opinions regarding the equipment I asked about.
        I see alot of the same guys posting to help others and get help - that is all good!! I hope to someday be as informed/experienced as all of you so that I can contribute too.

        Thank Sandy Ware for me also, she was most kind and informative from the get-go, and that made a most favorable impression on me too.

        I hope to move forward with a plan to keep us above water and maybe be able to expand the work into more things that will involve your company..
        Take good care !


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          plastic wand vs stainless steel

          I find that cleaning with clear, see through tools, do not stay clear very long. Once you perform a couple of jobs, they get too dirty to see through. I don’t need more things to do, like cleaning my ‘see through plastic.’ I want fewer things to do so I can spend more time making money, selling more jobs, or spending time with my family.. The clear tools will not stand up to being dropped. They can break. The stainless steel tools are indestructible. The vacuum motor in the Durrmaids is much smaller than the Mytee 8070. Inches of lift is not everything. You need both inches of lift and high cubic feet per minute to get fabric dry.