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    i have a sandia, 500psi, 12 gal tanks, auto-fill, 2-3stage vacs. i am alreday waiting for a new recovery tank lid with a 2" port that will increase my ability to get dry carpets sooner. What do i need to do to improve this sytem even more? any inline add-on machines you would recommend?
    i would like to run 200' of hose if possible, able to clean tile and grout. (is heat a must have for cleaning grout and tile or are there chemicals that can replace that part of the pie?)
    i plan on running a portable generator outside of my van so as not ot use the customers electricity. basically want to know if i can get close to a truckmount without buying one yet.
    any suggestions or do you need more info?

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    I clean tile and grout and all I have is 100 psi.

    I use a tile and grout brush on a OP machine but a rotary would work well too. In fact, the hard part about T&G cleaning is not the cleaning part. It is in the selling part. let me explain:

    When a custy calls and say "Can you clean my tile?" what they really want to know is can I get the grout to look new again. No. Not just by cleaning anyway.

    I can if I color seal. Now if I am going to color seal then the need to 'clean' changes to the need to prepare.

    so I dont even use a porty for cleaning. I use the brush, right chems and a wet vac with a floor wand for tile.

    But I also explain all of this to the custy from the get-go.

    Grout is not so easy to clean to the point of a cosmetic improvement. heat nor pressure will change that. Your porty will speed up part of the process simply because using it will allow you to rinse. But you'll still need to scrub and I do NOT suggest using high pressure for that since now you will run the risk of blowing out grout.

    Once you get your 2" intake and see the difference there, you'll get your head around all of this sooner.

    Put a 3 stage booster either at the tank or inline (MYtee makes a new one now) and your hose run will be 200. Likely more like 250.

    I know of no porty that can produce the heat required for tile cleaning since the flow rate is rather large. Youd need a propane heater.


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      converting carpet cleaning to tile cleaning

      My favorite unit for upgrading a carpet cleaning machine into a tile cleaning machine is the Mitho Pressure Washer
      IPC Eagle Used Mitho Hot Pressure Washer - 1200 psi - 2.2gpm sold , MITHO-PL-1200, , by IPC Eagle, Mitho Plus 115 V, 15 A &bull 1200 PSI, 2.2GPM &bull 195 F Max temp. 105o Heat Rise &bull Aluminum head oil bath plunger pump &bull Stainl...

      This unit is ultra small, compact and light (compared to other pressure washers). The machine is not a good pressure washer, but a great tile cleaning machine! To truly pressure wash, you need more pressure, heat and gallon per min flow, but again for tile cleaning this is the ticket. Once you own it, you will use it for carpet cleaning too. The burner still lights and heats the water at 450 psi cleaning pressure. Your current system cleans at 225 to 325 psi while you squeeze the trigger. This water system would increase your agitation/pressure by 25% improvement. Heat is 25% of the cleaning pie and once you have it you will never go back. Adding this to your clean arsenal would easily add a 50% over what you currently have.
      I did not notice that you mention that you have auto dump. This is important too. A 12 gallon extractor will fill up every 5 minutes without auto dump when cleaning tile.
      Please look at the Mytee 7001
      Mytee 7300P Air Hog Plus Hose Mount Vacuum Booster parallel dual 3stg vacs auto dump discontinued , 7300P, , by Mytee Products Inc, Mytee 7300P Air Hog Plus Vacuum Booster parallel dual 3stg vacs auto dump customer build order only   Add more powe...

      This unit adds another 3 stages of vacuum to your current system, dirty water filtration and full time auto dump. This is a ‘in the waste tank’ auto dump (high performance). Not in the motor box (poor performance) auto dump. This would take you system to 9 stages of vacuum and you can run over 200 ft of 2” hose. The Mitho also operates at over 200 ft. You could leave everything in the truck. I would recommend an electrical converter and 220 volt extension cord system to operate as much as you can from your customers electricity. Otherwise you are going to need a huge generator