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2" intake issue

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  • 2" intake issue

    Donald, as you know I made the change on my mytee from 1.5 to 2" intake.
    Now I have a little issue. The intake is gray pvc while the elbow inside the machine is white pvc. As you may know, these two seldom mate well since the gray is tapered.

    The 1.5 intake fit well enough since the threads are not very long. However, the 2' is longer and will not tighten at the tank but rather tightens because the white pvc doe NOT taper and it stops short of a good seal.

    Any ideas how to rework this intake so the gray/white fill nice and tight at the tank?

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    Making a 2" Fip threads in the tank wall.

    When I make these changes, I drill 2-1/4" hole, then tap the 2" pipe thread directly into the tank wall plastic. I go to electrical supply and purchase a 2" female conduit cap. I take this cap and grind the top off with a bench grinder to make a thin threaded washer. This washer is screwed down the same tap as far as it will go and then back off again. This is to enlarge the threads so it can screw snugly up against the tank wall. Now my 2" barbed fitting is being held by the threads of the tank wall and back up by the thread of my threaded washer. I cannot not tell by your comments if you started off by drilling the hole in the tank wall too large and now you have an air escaping problem. If so, I would think the threaded washer might help you too.


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      No, I used the current hole already on the tank. It had a 1.5 but the threads are 2".

      I think I can see your method. I'll read it through a few times.
      I am a visual learner so I gotta see it first.