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2" hose VS 1.5" hose with a 1.5" pipe wand

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  • 2" hose VS 1.5" hose with a 1.5" pipe wand

    Question: about the speedster, it has a 2 inch hose fitting on the machine side, if I get a 2" truck mount hose that is 25 feet long and get couplings that fit 2" hose but has the 1.5 tip (cuff) to fit the wand would this improve suction for this machine? Thanks John

    Answer: Any time you add 2" hose this improves your suction. The reduction of 2" to 1.5" is like moving the wast tank to the first point of restriction. So even though you are still using a 1.5" pipe wand and even if you use 1.5" ID hose for the last 15 ft, this is still improved performance over using 1.5" hose all the way from the machine. The rule of thumb is 2" hose can be used twice the distance as 1.5" hose.