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    Hello Donald, I read through many of the forums and one that stands out is the- confusion forum. Only because I am going through the same ordeal. I have a cleaning business, I am looking to do carpets. I am also looking to do tile and grout w/out much scrubbing (M12 seems likely choice). You posted a compaison between goliath and M12. I can't afford two machines but the kicker was reading 125PSI at the noozle for carpet extraction. I like the goliath and I am planning on getting into resoration so this would help, but I need to make money first and I need cert's. (Money money money). I lik,e the M12 too but will it be powerful enough for what I want it to do. I want a tool thats is going to help me perform well and without breaking my back. I like the EDIC power wand instead of rotovac and I will be using a carpet bonneting method before doing extracting. I also like the Mytee redline tile grout spinner tool. Can you provide some direction and literature as to how I will use the spinner tool doing tile & grout (chemicals) and is the M12 really going to clean carpet well, offer me enough vac to leave the carpet dry with a blower in good time? What can I expect with dry times. etc..
    Funny thing, I knew what I wanted prior to reading all the forums still think I know but would value your feedback. I would like to get this all ordered before the end of the year too (tax purposes). Thanks Joe

    PS Is the tile cleaning wand better or t handle or should I use a floor buffer and save the money. Yes money is always a concern right.. Thank you for your help and this forums.
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    Mytee M-12

    The Mytee M-12 has the same suction and same pressure as many other portables currently being used and sold for carpet cleaning. The answers to your questions are all relative. In other words, do you wand the very best or do you mind taking a little extra time out to clean a little slower. You can clean carpets with much less vacuum, heat, and pressure than what is offered in the M-12 but it just takes longer to get the same results. The M-12 will offer the same end results of stronger machines, but it will take you longer to get those results. The M-12 has 4 stages of vacuum, while other machines have 5, 6 or 8 stages. This means it will take a little longer that these stronger machines, but still dries faster than machines with 2 or 3 stages of vacuum. The bottom line is budget. Determine how much you want to spend and then get the most machine for the money that is under the budget. You can always upgrade your vacuum later too with a vacuum booster. You can also use the 1200 psi pump to clean carpet at 450 to 500 psi like the Goliath except without heat. The dry time very from fiber type to fiber type, from soil conditions, from how hard the A/C or heater is running, how you stroke the floor with your wand,... too many variables. Adding air movement is going to cut down the dry time in half not matter what machine you use. I like the fact that you want to bonnet clean the carpet before you extract. Please consider the Dirt napper style bonnet drivers

    You will not need a power wand of any type if you do this. Just the regular wand. The M-12 is not strong enough anyway for any type of power wand. The min size machine to run any power wand is 6 stages of vacuum.
    Read hose length comments at


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      Is there a recomended hose? I read the the link but I guess I just don't understand.

      "The best performace is achieved by using no more than the following using 1-1/2" ID hose:"
      "4 stages of vacuum (2 - 2 stages) - 50 ft."

      So does that mean I can use up to 100' with the M12 becuase it's 2" vac line?

      "When you use 2" vacuum hose, hose lenghts can be up to double these."
      "When you use a power wands (Spinn Master, RX-20, PowerMate 1800, Rotovac, Rotovac 360,...), the hose lengths are cut in half."

      "Here are some examples:"
      "4 stages of vacuum with 1.5" hose and a power wand = 25 ft"

      Since the M12 has a 2" vac inlet and 4 stages of vac (by the way what does that mean 4 stages of vac 2/2) and the example starts as 2" and then returns to 1.5" hose diameter?

      Is there anyway to see a demo of what these things can do? Not the guy from the Mytee video he shows nothing useful. I would really like to see this thing work before throwing $2700 at it.

      I think I am left with more questions than answers now.

      Thank you for your reply I know you are trying to help I am just frustrated trying to figure out what I need without being able to try before I buy. I have been researching equipment for roughly 3 weeks and feel I am going around in circles now.

      Here is my objective:
      I want to clean carpets using bonnet and extraction (the tile and grout thing is so I am not killing myself scrubing and I can offer restaurants a grouting service)
      I want to offer a great service to my customers to provide more value and still be competitve with larger area cleaners.
      I will be doing mostly commercial carpet and some homes.
      I don't want to spend more than 4K$. Are there startup packages I'm not seeing on the site (extractor, wand, hose, chemical)?
      I still need to buy a trailer to tote around equipment a floor buffer and some small stuff

      Thank you again for your input and help.
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        Mytee M-12 tile cleaning machine

        The Mytee M12 will clean at 100 ft with 2" hose. The Mytee M12 does have 4 stages of vacuum. I do not have any demo videos of the mytee m-12. For you budget level, please look at the Goliath Flood Pumper
        -DriStorm Goliath Flood Pumper 26gal Four 2 Stage Vacs and Pressure Washer Recovery 120v with Lint Filtration SBM-GO-A SBMGOA, SBM-GO-A, Flood Pumpers Extractors, Equipment Restoration, by Shazaam, DriStorm Goliath Flood Pumper 26gal Four 2 Stage Vacs ...

        and just add the Mytee Water Hog for pressure
        Mytee Water Hog Pressure Washer - 1200psi With plastic housing and wheels, 4000, , by Mytee,         4000 Water Hog original               My Stats Applications Power washing Hard surface cle...

        This would be a similar system to what is listed at
        Tile cleaning package Mega 3 and Water Hog, Mega3WaterHogPack, Tile & Grout Extractors, Equipment Hard Surface Supplies, by Shazaam, P MARGIN 0px P MARGIN 0px Tile cleaning package includes all the items in the list below.  You can click on ea...

        but you would use the Goliath instead of the Mega3 Flood pumper.
        The reason for suggesting this is because of your "restaurants" comment. This package would clean carpets at 500 psi as opposed to the Mytee M12 cleaning carpet at 115 psi. This means you will be able to clean the restaurant twice as fast with the Goliath + Mytee Water Hog 4000 as the Mytee M-12 and dry it twice as fast too. The #1 reason a customer will quit using your services is because the carpet was wet the next day. Faster cleaning and faster dry times.