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    if you say that the pressure on a truckmount is say 350 at the machine and 1/2 of that at the end of the wand, would you want to clean ata higher pressure when using a power wand? it has 5 jets on it. would you want the gauge to read 500? or keep it the same since the pump is strong enough to keep up?

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    power wands and truckmounts.

    On many truckmounts, the pumps are large enough to keep up with most wands. You just need to look at the pressure gauge while you are squeezing the trigger on the wand to really see what the use pressure it. Just keep in mind that power wands can use up to twice as much water as regular wands so make sure you have enough suction to pick up all the water and you do not need as much pressure to get the carpet clean. It it more about floating the dirt out of the carpet instead of blasting it.