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Mytee Lite 8070 VS Durrmaids 200

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  • Mytee Lite 8070 VS Durrmaids 200

    Question: To wash a bed mattress king size, clean cars and upholstery. What is the best equipment?

    Durrmaid: 200 psi 1600 Super Heated Auto Detail Extractor [1600]
    Mytee: Mytee Lite II Portable Detailer - 8070-2 Stage Vac - 100psi - 1000 Watt Heater [8070]

    Answer: Yesterday I had a meeting with my Shurflo pump rep and asked him what pump do they make that is rated for 200 psi? He told me none. When I ask Dennis at Durrmaids for the pump model number he is using, he always avoids the question. I do not believe 100% that the Durrmaids model is 200 psi and I would go with the Mytee 8070. If I could quire proof that the Durrmaids was really a 200 psi pump, it would probably clean better than the Mytee 8070 and change my mind. The #1 most aggressive single power cord auto detail machine is
    -Clean Storm Fiberglass 5gal 200psi HEATED 3 Stage Vac Car Cleaning Machine Auto Detail Extractor JD501H2, JD501H-2, Auto Detail Machines and Extractors, Auto Detailing & Car Wash , by Clean Storm, Clean Storm Fiberglass Auto detail machine is&nbsp...

    This really has a 200 psi pump in it. 200 psi machines needs internal spray wands to prevent splash back all around the cleaning head. This machine includes this technology. The Durrmaids does not. I think as you compare the price of these three machines, you will find as you pay more, the cleaning is more aggressive. The vacuum motor and the pumps progressively get larger and clean more aggressive as you progress to the next most expensive piece of equipment. I also like the larger tank size so you do not waste so much time filling and emptying the machine.
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