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  • Mytee 1003DX

    Donald or whoever has expertise,

    Hello, I have a few questions regarding the following model, Mytee: Speedster 1003DX [1003DX_C].

    I plan on using this machine for strictly commercial cleaning jobs, and have heard some great reviews on this site about it, and the power it packs for the price. My questions are as follows [I plan on purchasing the 1003DX with wand and hose].

    1) I am under the assumption that this machine is capable of 75’ of hose right out of the box, and was wondering how I go about achieving this. For $159.99 I can purchase the 50’ foot 2’inch hose, and want to know if I have to upgrade the 25’ foot hose to 2’inches (for best results), or do I leave it at 1.5’ inches as a lead?

    2) How often does this machine trip the breakers? (I noticed in a thread you said you can turn off the vacs and heat the water with the heater, then turn off the heater and the vacs back on ).

    3) Would you recommend this machine over the 1005DX because of the heat?

    4) I use to work for a special services company and the portables we used never needed/had more then one outlet (1 power cord), and was wondering how hard is it to find two separate circuits in a commercial building without tripping the breakers?

    5) Last question is, would you recommend this machine for the price?

    Thanks a ton, I really appreciate it!


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    Mytee 1003DX

    The machine is capable of actually cleaning 115 ft. (100 ft of 2" hose + 15 ft of 1.5" hose).
    The best results would be to use all 2" hose but it is very diffecult to use. The best leader hose is the 15 ft hose set, but since the machine already comes with 25 ft, I would use this.
    In addition to purchasing the 50 ft 2" hose, you will need a 2" Cool Cuff connector to hook both hoses together.
    The mytee 1003DX often trips breakers if you are using heat on a 115 volt outlets. This is why I would strongly recommend the Mytee 5000 converter pak to plug the machine into your customers electric dryer outlet or commercial coffee machine plug. If you are at a location where the 220 connection is not available, just turn the heaters off and the unit will operate the same as the Mytee 1005DX and can operate at any location.
    Finding separate breakers is super easy. The machine has a built in location light on the control panel that will tell you when it is ready to turn on.
    The is the number 1 best selling portable in the country because it is a lot of machine for the price. Their are better machines, but they cost more. For example the Goliath has 30% more suction, 30% more pressure, auto fill and auto dump, but cost $1000 more.


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      Thanks a ton Donald I really appreciate the speedy response!


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        One more question .

        I guess I am still kind of concerned with tripping breakers. I was wondering if it is possible for you to give me the volt output for the machine? Does this machine often trip breakers with the heater off on 15 amp outlets?

        Thanks a ton, I really do appreciate this!


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          Mytee 1003DX power consuption

          With the heaters turn off, one cord will draw 10 amps and the other 14 amps. It will not trip 15 amp breakers.


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            Mytee Products Service Centers

            Mytee does have dealer and repair centers all over the country including your town. You can also chose to replace broken parts yourself. You will find the machine easy to work on and easy to maintain.

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              Never mind, resolving it over the phone.

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