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Shazaam SBM-HS-200 unit VS Durrmaids 1600 unit

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  • Shazaam SBM-HS-200 unit VS Durrmaids 1600 unit

    Question: What is the difference between the Shazaam SBM-HS-200 unit and the Durrmaids 1600 unit?

    Answer: The Shazaam SBM-HS-200 unit is the same as the Durrmaids 1600 unit. They are identical in every way. The Shazaam unit is a privet label Durrmaids unit in black. The Shazaam unit does not include the filter bag ($14) or the tool kits for $30 more but are available for purchase.

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    Durrmaid 1600 VS Shazaam Auto Detail machine

    Question: The Durrmaid 1600 header says that it is 60psi but if you scroll down the description says that it is 200psi. And the Shazaam says that it is 60psi at the top and under the description.
    Looking on other sites for the Durrmaid 1600 it is described as having 200psi, and the Durrmaid 1500 has having 60psi.

    Answer: The 200 has been discontinued as a description and was never really 200 psi. The 200 psi pump is the pump that is in the Shazaam but we changed the description to 60 psi because it is only 200 psi when you are not using it. In other words, when I let go of the trigger assembly the pressure to go up to 200 psi. When you squeeze the trigger on the cleaning wand the pump cannot produce more than 40 to 60 psi (depending on the size of the spray jet). THIS IS TRUE WITH BOTH MODELS BECAUSE THEY USE THE SAME PUMP! Again both machine are made in the same factory by the same employees with the same parts. Is this misleading? Did you know that every single machine on the website rates the pump at "when not using pressures" as opposed to cleaning pressures. Every single machine that states it has a 100 psi pump, cleans at 60 psi. Every 200 psi pump tec pump cleans at 120 psi, every 500 psi pump cleans at 300 to 400 psi of they both sucking out of a tank and pressurizing on the other end. Direct connect sink pumps do not experience pressure drop offs. (like the Goliath 500 psi unit)
    All other websites use the same pumps too. Everybody gets the same pump. How do we know this. SteamBrite is the pump distribution center for Durrmaids. Every pump Durrmaids purchases is purchased through SteamBrite Supply.
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