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Black max heat VS the Goliath Carpet Cleaning Extractor heater

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  • Black max heat VS the Goliath Carpet Cleaning Extractor heater

    Black max heat VS the Goliath Carpet Cleaning Extractor heater
    The non-electric part of the Powrflite Black Max heater has 1/4" copper tubing wrapped around the outside if the vacuum motors. The interesting about the location of the coil is the coil is wrapped around the armature part of the winding and this is the one part of the vacuum motor that does not get hot. The exhaust is hot and the outer can can where the blades turn are hot. The main difference is the PowerFlite BlackMax is adsorbing the radiant heat of under the hood of the extractor. Like driving your car across town and then sticking your hand under the hood of the car - it is pretty hot in there. It does get hot under the hood of a carpet cleaning machine but the exhaust is hotter than under the hood (just like your car). The Goliath uses a aluminum fins over 3/8" copper tubing heat exchanger and is placed under the bottom of the machine where the hot exhaust blows out of the machine. The aluminum fins are designed to adsorb more energy from the air and exchange it into the copper. The Backmax does not use a computer cooling fan to keep the under the hood part of the extractor cool and the Goliath does. I do not know how the lack of a under the hood cooling fan on the BlackMax is going to effect the life of the vacuum motors and water pump. We have never performed a side by side motor longevity test on either of these machines. Other machines go to great lengths to keep the vacuum motors from getting too hot. For example look at the cooling technology of the US Products Pex 500 and the Sandia Plastics Sniper Series. Both these machines actually duct the outside air to the top of the vacuum motors. The optional electric heater on both machines are the same and perform the same. The Black Max heat exchanger is estimated to get about an additional 20 degree rise up and above what you pour in the machine. The Goliath was test at over 30 degree rise of what tap water is. The difference in the end results is because of the placement of the heat exchanger and that 4 motors are generating heat instead of two. Also when you compare the surface area of the two heat exchanger. Just by the sheer mass of the two heat exchangers is hugely different. The Goliath heat exchanger is got to be at least 4 times larger. Hear is another difference: the Black Max uses radiant ambient heat absorption, while the Goliath is fan forced exhaust. The hot air molecules are blown onto and around the exchanger fins while the Black Max is using radiant temperature rise to move the air molecule out of the way. I am not sure if I am explaining the clearly but when a air molecule has the stored energy of temperature and this temperature is released into the heat exchanger it has more heated molecules pushing it out of the way for more new fresh energized hot air molecules. The air that is touching the coils is freshly hotter. In the Black Max, the air molecules when they release the heat into the copper tubing have to fight to move off of the coil. You have hot air under the coil trying to rise up and you have new cool air that has just released it energy trying to go to the lower part of the machine. These two air systems are fighting themselves. This leads to a slower rate of heat adsorption. Additional testing was performed to determine what vacuum motor produced the most vacuum at the same time of producing the most heat. The test results that we did was find out if this technology works on other brands of machines. We found out both yes and no. What we mean by this is yes, a heat exchanger can be placed on all brands of carpet cleaning machines but it does not work near was well as you think. You are adding $400 in parts plus extra labor to machine it into the machine but because the vacuum motors exhaust that are used in other brands do not get as hot and because most other machines do not have 4 vacuum motors mean that they do not produce enough BTU's to make a huge difference. We also tested the difference between vacuum motors in air series and parallel and found that air series produces a better heat. This is because you have hot air from the first vacuum motor being forced into the blade system of the second vacuum motor that further heats up the air. The air temperature that comes out of the Goliath is 180 degrees with up to 200 CFM. We also found out that the harder you work the vacuum motors the hotter they get. Since you have two air series vacuum systems in parallel, both pairs of vacuum motors are fighting themselves to rise the CFM from 100 CFM to 200 CFM. This further raises the air temperature. We also tested different types of heat exchangers. From wrapped copper to aluminum fined heaters. We took every angle we could to do to produce the hottest machine possible. We used the hottest vacuum motors, we used the strongest two stage vacuum motors, we raised the CFM, raised the inches of lift, raised the BTU's by placing the vacuum motors in dual air series parallel, and used the best design heat exchanger we could find that would still fit under the machine. I actually designed this machine in 1982 and new that this worked because the exhaust hose that I used back then was a vinyl wire reinforced hose and it would always melt. I had to build this 1982 machine with silicone 600 degree hose because the traditional exhaust hose used in carpet cleaning machines would melt.
    Donald Cook
    Test results are located at

    Black max
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    Goliath Machine

    What are the dry times with this machine? The normal 4-5 or between 1& 2 ? I know it depends on the type and pile of the carpet but in general.


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      Dry Times on Carpet Cleaning

      That is very hard to answer because dry times to vary on how heavy you prespray, how long you let the prespray dwell, type of wand you use (power wand, jet size), pile denier, pile fiber type, pile weight, carpet soil level, type of soil, cleaning stroke by the tech, relative humidity, air movement, width of cleaning wand head, pipe size of wand, hose diameter, cubic feet per minute of suction, inches of mercury/ inches of water lift. How do you compare dry time from one machine to the other (in general)? You can use the vacuum units formula (Max cfm at zero inches of lift TIMES max inches of lift @ zero cfm) For example the Goliath is rated for 170" X 250 cfm or 42,500 vacuum units. Black max is rated at 212.5" X 100 cfm or 21,250 vacuum units. The maximum amount of inches of lift is 70% of the vacuum motor in front of it. For example the Black Max is 125" for the first vacuum motor and 125" X.7 for the second (87.5") 125" + 87.5" = 212.5" Naturally the wand is on the carpet and is not making a perfect seal on the fabric so you might expect to get a 'use' vacuum units of about half of these. Use vacuum units for the Goliath would be approximately 21,250 vacuum units and the Black max use will be approximately 10,625. Now using your 6 grade math you can cross multiply to find our the percent difference between these two figures.
      21,250 divided/over by 10,625 is to X over 100. Or 2125000 = 10,625X. Divide 212500 By 10,625 and X = 200. This means the Goliath would dry about 100% faster than the Black Max.

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        I have looked at your video several times in the past week.
        It looks like a machine that is pretty good and it can be set up
        as an electric truckmount. I always put my cleaning solution down
        with my 175. I have a rotovac 360 and sometimes I use a powerhead
        which has 6 jets. It is kind of big and I use it in open areas only.
        Weighs about 65-70 lbs. It recovers a lot of water as you will see
        on the tube.