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portable VS Truckmounted Carpet Cleaning Machines

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  • portable VS Truckmounted Carpet Cleaning Machines

    We are a large 8 provider pediatric clinic in Allen. I estimate there is around 7000 sqft of carpet in our single story building; its glue down, looped commercial carpet 2'X2' squares. Since we'll probably clean the carpets 3-4 times/yr, we're looking into purchasing a good portable extractor (being that in 2 yrs the service cost could pay for one). I just have a few questions before we choose that route.

    Taking into account the long length of our building, & thus the lengthy hose if using a truck mounted machine, is the truck mounted machine any more efficient at delivery of high temp/pressure water and suction power at the end of the wand than a powerful portable with short hose?
    From my very limited knowledge of steam thermodynamics, it seams that with the cooling from mixing pressurized air w steam & then cooling from traveling a long distance in a cooler environment, the temp would be much lower after reaching end of wand.
    In addition, a lengthy distance of hose with additional bends & turns adds to friction loss thereby decreasing vacuum lifting power directly as well as necessitating increased CFM thus lower pressure pull power from pumps.

    Regarding the portable extractors such as the Goliath- do they deliver a constant flow of high pressure & temp steam at the wand?

    I appreciate your time & help with these questions.


    Truckmounted carpet cleaning machines offer about twice as much heat and vacuum than most portables. This is the reason why customer are willing to spend $20,000 on one. Once the customers develop the 'need for speed,' they do not mind paying for it. Their is some loss in heat, pressure and vacuum with the longer hose run, but the machines are so strong the is loss is minimal. You can actually set a truckmount to suck so hard that you cannot move the wand. It will stick to the carpet. Truckmounted machine offer larger vacuum pump moving positive displacement technology instead of centrifugal technology. They offer larger water pumps rated at more pressure and more gallon per minute. They offer more heat. When you take a portable and start out with building hot tap water (110 degrees) , add a heat exchanger, add an electric heater you will get a temperature rise of about 40 to 50 degrees (160 total consistent). A truckmount can take cold 65 degree water and take it all the way to as hot as 250 degrees. This is so hot the hoses start to feel mushy. Many machines the operator will have to lighten the suction, heat and pressure so as not to damage the fibers. For example cleaning past 650 psi in Saxony and Plush carpet causes fiber Blooming. This is not correctable. You will find that most portables do a good job and might be a little slower than a truckmount cleaning machine. If you are a "Tim the Tool Man Taylor" kind of guy, go for a truckmount. For direct glue down carpets in wide open spaces, you can also consider auto fill and drain machines or CFR machines.
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