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  • Mytee M-5 prices

    QUESTION: I've been looking to purchase a M5. I've found it on the internet for 1850.00 and 150.00 for shipping. What can you do for me? I'm ready to buy. Thanks Johnny

    ANSWER: We sell the Mytee M5 for $1824 right now. I cannot answer the shipping question without knowing more about your zip code and what shipping options you want to pay for. For example extra shipping charges could be appointment time, home delivery, lift-gate service, inside delivery,...
    Other things that can change the shipping fee is what other items you want to purchase at the same time. This in turn will change the weight and insurance.


    Please note the prices on the website do not match what we really sell Mytee for. This is because authorized Mytee dealers as of October 1st, 2011 are no longer allowed to display prices lower than list price on their web site. If a price is displayed lower than list price on a website, that company is not an authorized dealer. Feel free to call Mytee and confirm this statement.

    QUESTION: I am interested in the M5+ start-up package. However I want two 25' 2" hoses instead of the single 50' 1.5" hose. Can you substitute? If so, will it be same price, cheaper, or more expensive?

    ANSWER: The two 25 ft hoses would be more money because of the added cuffs and brass quick disconnects and having to cut the hose. $25 extra. Please note the M5 is auto fill and auto dump. This means the machine is not going to follow you around the hose. It is going to be hooked to the sink. You will actually need at least 75 ft to use this machine.

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