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Mytee Speedster 1005DX VS M5 VS M5 Plus

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  • Mytee Speedster 1005DX VS M5 VS M5 Plus

    QUESTION: I tried to respond back to you no your forum but have been unable to register on it all day long. I wanted to know the diiference in the new Mytee Speedster and the M5, and also if you carry the Mytee M5 Deron special, and if so whast the difference is and what's the cost for it as well. What kind of deals do you have for a chemical set up since I'm just getting started I'll need them all so I'm looking for a package deal if you can do it. Thanks again. Johnny

    ANSWER: I am sorry you are having a problem with the forum. We were getting so much junk forums spam, we turned up the security and this might be locking you out. I am not sure what is going on with it.

    Now as for as the term "Mytee Speedster" just refers to the body style that is full size. Meaning the 12 to 15 gallon tank size and made by Mytee Products Inc. We carry a full line of Mytee products and offer/ stock everything they manufacture. We stock both the M5 and the M5 Plus. The M5 Deron Special is the Mytee M-5 Plus. This item is located at
    We will be glad to help you with a starter package that fits you budget and spectrum of work you would like to see your company offer.
    The Mytee Air Hog is located at
    As of today the Mytee M5 is $1824.00 and the New Mytee 1005 Speedster is $1499.99, and the M5 Plus is only sold in the starter package on the web page but does include free shipping and a few other items for $2595. At Mytee's request they have ask us not to discount this item as a machine only special.
    The Mytee 1005DX was the original machine, then came the auto fill and auto dump version with larger tanks (M5), then came the M5 Plus. They all offer the 500 psi Pumptec pump and dual 3 stage vacuum motors (no heat) The M5 Plus added the auto defoamer, the softer wheels, and muffler system.
    To get an idea of some of the most common start up items, please visit
    If you are planing on leaving in a service truck, you will also want 220 volt converter options. These are located at
    You will also want a generator option to use when your 115 volt plugs and 220 volt electric dryer are not available. Our most popular generator is located at
    We currently have on the drawing board to make a belly mounted heat exchanger under this generator. This will allow you to heat water from the generator the same way a gas powered truckmounted carpet cleaning extraction system does. This item will be available in about one month.
    You also will want a reel and hose package that will allow you to hook to your customers hot water and transfer this hot water out to your service truck/ trailer.
    Here are some popular chemical start up kits
    Carpet cleaning
    Spot and Stain Removal
    Odor Control
    If you are going to perform pet urine and body fluid locations, you will need to be able to locate these areas.