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230 Volt carpet cleaning portables for international use

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  • 230 Volt carpet cleaning portables for international use

    QUESTION: Hi guy can you conveRT this to uk power supplie before it is shipped?
    Kleenrite: Edge Extractor - 11Gal - 100psi - 1/3Vacs - 1750 Watt Heat Exchanger [36408E3]
    Kleenrite: Edge Extractor - 11Gal - 100psi - 1/3Vacs - 1750 Watt Heat Exchanger
    Click to enlarge
    Your Price: $1,999.00
    Part Number: 36408E3
    Guaranteed: We will beat their price!
    Estimated shipping cost: $ 205.00

    ANSWER: No we cannot. The Kleenrite factory does offer these machines but not to US Dealers. They do not want us to ship 230 volt machines to other countries. We can have made for you machines from
    Mytee Products, Clean Storm, Sandia Plastic, and US Products in 230 volts.

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    Mytee Products Air Hog 7303-230 volts

    Question: Hi there I would like to purchase the mytee air hog 7303-240v I live in Buderim Queensland, Australia and it needs to be set up for 240volt power (refer to this website if necessary
    If you could please send me details, specs as well as billing/ payment options and price for unit and the shipping etc.
    It would be appreciated, looking to purchase within the next week. Looking forward to hearing back soon, Kind regards Wayne.

    Answer: We do offer the Air Hog 7303-230v at
    Mytee Air Hog Vacuum Booster Flood Pumper Extractor - 1 3 Vacs - 3.5gpm PumpOut 230 volts, 7303-230v, Mytee, Portable Extractors by Brand, Equipment Carpet Cleaning Machines, by Mytee,       var stick false function changeImage imgSou...

    I notice that you want 240 volts and the machine is listed at 230 volt. This is not a problem. The machine will operate fine between 220 to 240 volts. These machines do have a power cord on them but you have to supply they type of power cord male plug end yourself and self install. Because they are not complete and final assembly takes place at your location, they are not certified or tagged as complete or ready to use. If you want to certify them, you would have to do that in your country after you install the plug end on it.
    Payment can be done by wire transfer or through a confirmed and verified account.
    Today the air shipping is $507 to postal code 4556 Buderim Australia.