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Ninja Warrior Shipping into Canada

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  • Ninja Warrior Shipping into Canada

    QUESTION: Have you shipped the Ninja Warrior to Toronto, Canada. What is the duty and shipping costs?
    Thanx, John

    ANSWER: We can ship to Canada or to a US boarder town. Shipping to Canada means you will have to hire a customs broker and can elevate the shipping to twice as much. You can expect to pay as much as 25% (but more than this) of the cost of the item for importing. Please note shipping to a home address is not recommended because address without a forklift on site usually cost $150 more. This is because trucking companies surcharge the freight bill $75 for home delivery, plus another $75 for lift-gate service. If you do not have a commercial address with dock height or a forklift, we would recommend that you have the order delivered to a trucking company address for them to hold for you to pick up. This fee is only $25 over the base shipping rate (way less then $150), but this might involve you driving up to 75 miles (120 Kilometers) to pick up.
    I just ran an example of shipping one pallet to YRC in Mississauga Canada was $538.39 with insurance.
    While shipping to Buffalo NY is $338.92 with insurance.
    Both the examples above included the $25 hold at dock fee for you to pick up.

    QUESTION: Just an idea. Would it be possible to ship the Ninja Warrior as two pieces. Not sure if that's possible, but sure would be cheaper for UPS to make the delivery rather than using a freight company.

    ANSWER: Please do not take this the wrong way, but, our average profit on a sale is 2%. This means a $2500 sale has $50 in it for us. The additional labor we would use up and packaging and materials would eat up the $50 and we would make nothing. So with this said, if you paid for the labor and the boxes, bubble wrap, ect to make this happen, and then paid for two boxes to be shipped, I do not see you saving any money. So I would guess you would spend about $75 for labor and packaging before you have the shipping bill added. Then you would have a spaghetti bowl of wires to hook back up. So this leads to the next problem, how is going to offer the tech support to hook this all back up. What if you get it wrong and you melt something? Would the factory offer a warranty? I bet not. Though it is interesting to entertain the idea, I do not not think it is worth it.

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